Nick Knight Shoots The East End’s Coolest Club Kids

Sinking The Pink

Nick Knight, Katy England and Alister Mackie unite to pay homage to London’s most exciting new club kids in a live shoot featuring beautiful boys, girls and drag queens spotted at the East End’s infamous ‘Sink The Pink’ nights. The shoot will draw inspiration from the positivity and vibrancy of these colourful party-goers – whose attitudes and aesthetics echo those of past revellers at iconic nights like BoomBox and Nag Nag Nag – and will appear in the biannual magazine AnOther Man’s London issue in 2014. Fashion – selected by England and Mackie together – will include looks from contemporary designers, items from the subjects’ own wardrobes and iconic clubland archive pieces from Bodymap and Leigh Bowery, kindly lent by Kim Jones. Knight will draw inspiration from famous sixties photographers such as Bailey and Avedon, to create images that unite traditional portraiture with the haphazard, psychedelic aesthetics of today’s selfie-loving clubbers. Watch the shoot live today, 20 December 2013.

Written by Manny King John

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