Nick Grant pays tribute to the ‘Black Woman’ with Stacy Barthe



'If there is no you, there is no me' is the most factual and honest lyric I heard in rising star Nick Grant's new song with R&B-Soul singer-songwriter Stacy Barthe.

Celebrating Black women as we all should, the Walterboro, South Carolina-native rapper Nick Grant teams up with Stacy Barthe to show his appreciation for a group of women who are quietly idolized and publicly erased. In its first twenty seconds, young girls fill the screen. Precious and angelic in their existence, they will become Black women one day—if not murdered. I know that sentence might have made you uncomfortable, but sadly it is the reality of many Black people in North America today. Aside from the perils and harsh truths of leading a seemingly cursed life, the talented emcee tells the woman he wants to be with, that he wants to know how to love her.

Upon first listen, it might sound like a simple idea. It is not a light subject, but what makes me hopeful is that the issues are coming back into the lines of the music. Thought-provoking, challenging lyrics are becoming favoured again. I will not continue the rumour that rappers who care about lyricism died. However, I think the more important thing to say is that it seems we are finally coming to a common ground for balance.

Moreover, going back to the lyrics of ‘Black Woman’, I think to place no one above your lovers, sisters, mothers and other female kin is a way to show the world that you have self-value as a man. I like to be clear when I write, so for clarity’s sake, I want to be clear that I celebrate all variations of love as long as it is healthy, violence-free and balanced. I think it is important to love yourself, your family, and your community. When you are capable of that, without wanting to punish anyone who isn’t from those spaces, you should be able to love whoever you please.

Next, fellow Black woman, if you’re reading this, give everyone the real you (without malice intent even if they don’t deserve it) because you are unapologetically a Black woman, one of the most copied individuals on Planet Earth. As an original, you don’t have to duplicate or behave like oppressors.

Watch the official video for the poetic single by Nick Grant, featuring Stacy Barthe, below.

Nick Grant in 'Black Woman' video featuring Stacy Barthe

Photo: Courtesy of Epic Records