The Newsflare app lets you shoot videos, share with the world and get paid

Newsflare is an up and coming app that gives users an opportunity to make big bucks off of their viral videos.

Move over YouTube, Newsflare is the new online video service on the market.

Imagine an app where you can get paid for your videos, whether it’s newsworthy, funny or just plain cute. Newsflare is a cool media service that specializes in the curation of user-generated videos, which they then license and sell to media/news organizations. A better alternative than uploading your videos to social media, users can now receive actual compensation instead of just ‘clout’.

The United Kingdom-based company was created in 2011 by Bevan Thomas and Jon Cornwall. Their goal was to obtain viral and eyewitness videos and properly compensate the owners for their content.

“We believe in the value of video to tell richer, more compelling stories that would otherwise go untold,” according to the Newsflare site.

Any video is a good video for Newsflare.

Whether it’s clips of your pets, kids, or scandalous snapshots of celebrities, this app will license and pay you for it. Contributors don’t need to be professionals either. The media service takes videos from any and all devices, whether they are amateur or professionally shot.

The process is quite simple.

To get started, users must create a free account through Newsflare’s site. After doing so, they can then upload the clip, answer a few video-specific questions, and voila; it is available on their site for the world to see. What’s great is that Newsflare shares 50% of the sales commission with the video contributors. (amazed yet?)

It’s possible that your video can end up on some of your favourite networks or shows. Their client list features a number of recognized names including MTV, CNN, Yahoo, AP, Daily News and even The Wendy Williams Show. With news becoming digital and video-based, this service is a smart way to make some money off your content.

If you think your videos are interesting and appealing, think twice before you upload just to social media. The Newsflare app is available on Google Play and The App Store.

Written by Manny King John

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