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Chicago emcee Neak releases ‘Elevation Everything’ video: Watch

Tethering into one’s mind to understand what they’ve been through isn’t always synonymous with fun at the amusement park or sniffing dandelions in the wild. It takes for one to open up to another person before it’s possible. As artists, we share all the time. It’s our role, be it the discipline is mixed media, music, or literature. In verity, what we show or tell may not be the full truth, as it is normative to be passive, evasive and celebrated to take control of how we’d like to perceived by the rest of the world as artists. At times, we take pieces of other people’s stories to tell our own or choose to speak in third-person to cope.

All of our stories don’t need facelifts, but some are half-truths. It stems from a bunch of things. However, one’s mental state and one’s level of comfort with public deliverance are viable factors during executing and marketing times.

“My present emotional state, feelings, and vulnerability as an artist-producer”, Neak says. “This song gives listeners a complete synopsis of where my life has been, where it is going, and how exposing my soul/displaying my humanity is not a weakness; it is my greatest strength as a writer-producer.”

I’m not saying that Neak takes pieces of other people’s lives to tell his story. I’m saying that he does a darn good job at elevating the vibration of everything that comes into contact with his messaging. It doesn’t feel forced, unbelievable or far-fetched. It feels wholesome and organic. Check out the official visual below.


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