Photo: Courtesy of the label
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New Jersey singer NBDY puts us in our feelings with new single ‘Admissions’

The song could be an emotional list of confessions to an ex-lover.


Photo: Courtesy of the label

Have you ever wished you could go back in time and do things differently with someone? Ever wanted to tell an ex about all of your regrets? Artist NBDY did just that in his song ‘Admissions’; exploring the lingering feelings that a toxic relationship can leave behind. The song could be an emotional list of confessions to an ex-lover.

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NBDY paints a picture of how different love and heartbreak can be; wishing ill-will on someone who has done you wrong, yet deep down wishing you still had the person in your life. Although the lyrics are sombre, the beat has a fast tempo. It is an example of when R&B meets 808’s; it works out perfectly.

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The overall soulfulness of this song will have you putting it on repeat. It’s one of those tracks you can’t help but listen to even though it‘s sure to tug on your heartstrings a bit.

Words by Brax Chea


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