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#10NewRecords to get you through the week (Nate Le, Trizz)

This week’s #10NewRecords list consists of Jawill Owens, Nate Le, Trizz, This is LV, and more.

Photo: Courtesy of the artist
Nate Le
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Jawill Owens – Lie To Me (Submission)

Getting lied to sucks, but what better way to get over it than to listen to a good song!? Chicago rapper Jawill Owens dropped this hot new track talking about the hardships of a failed relationship and how he’s getting by. Although the subject may be circulating something disheartening, this catchy tune is sure to be stuck in your head after one listen.

Nate Le – Seul (Submission)

Sometimes you need a good song to put you in your feelings while bobbing your head, all at the same time. If your feeling like you need to experience just that, this new track from Nate Le will get you just right. I can see that this is the Canadian-based artists’ take on the wave of Emo-Trap music that is very popular right now. His crooning voice has a sound that can fit almost any type of track, as can be seen in his other songs.

Trizz – Backwards featuring King Iso (Submission)

Backwards is one of the tracks from Trizz’s album ‘Ashes N Dust’. The California-based emcee is all about keeping that West coast sound on this track. Trizz described this tape as a suburban horror flick on tape, and that vibe exudes through in the song’s visuals. The video showcases dark visuals of all things like clips from horror films and other obscene bits. Trizz’s abrasive flow matches the immodest vibe of the video for sure.

This is LV – Yellow Roses (Submission)

Do you love the colour yellow? Do you love roses? What about yellow roses? This sweet sounding tune sounds like a blissfully pleasant time during a nature walk in the summer. This is LV got started by Nashville-based GRAMMY-winning songwriter and producer Femke. On this track, you can hear her honeyed vocals caress mashed up with electronic instruments. Feel the love on this track.

JP Reynolds – Too Strange (Submission)

New-York based artist JP Reynold’s is an eclectic blend of Jazz, Gospel, Funk, and Rap. Keeping a positive, enlightening, and optimistic message can be heard throughout his music. ‘Too Strange’ is described as a song about transcending present circumstances. With a Mick Jenkins-inspired beat, this song is sonically pleasing but also inspirational. Go ahead and listen to lift your spirit.

The Electric Mud – J Train (Submission)

This band is all about bluesy music with a Southern Rock and Roll sound. A delivery of gutsy bass riffs, warbling runs, and coarsely soulful vocals from lead vocalist Peter Kolter, this song is as fierce as the Summer heat. This passionate song is an intense play by play in a love affair, which has to seem to fall to shambles. Lyrics like ‘You and me, the devil makes it three’ and ‘bullet with my name, and the gun from which it came’ suggest nothing but pure vehement which you will undoubtedly feel when you give this a listen.

Cuesta Loeb – Out Of (Submission)

Cuesta Loeb is no stranger to knowing her way around instruments and songwriting. She is the daughter of renowned Jazz guitarist Chuck Loeb and singer-songwriter Carmen Cuesta and also spent time in her childhood studying classical flute and bassoon. This track ‘Out Of’ will put you in a daze with its ethereal vocals and dreamy lyrics. A good tune to zone out and chill to, or play during a long ride.

TyC – Selfish (Submission)

Singer-songwriter and producer TyC is an Los Angeles-based artist with an experimental sound. His SoundCloud showcases his range in the genres with Electronic Soul, Rap, Alternative, and Blues. An obsession that makes him feel like a new man, TyC doesn’t hold back on this track with his vocals up against a sensual synth-like beat. Lyrics ‘I’m so goddamn selfish, I can’t fucking help it’, show just how in deep this man is. What do you think? Give it a listen.

Piqi Miqi – Touch Each Other (Submission)

This new track and video by Piqi Miqi is giving me all types of Summer, flower power, easy-go-lucky vibes. In the video, Miqi and two friends go on a search for a mysterious hippie cult where they find themselves dabbling around parading and performing other shenanigans. As fun as the video is, Piqi Miqi invites listeners in more with his inviting, alternative sound. The Prague-based artist is a bubbly conjunction of Soul, Rhythm and Blues, and Funk. If you need something to get you pumped up or a sweet jam for a dance break, this is the song for you!

Written by Manny King John

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