#5NewTracks to get you through the week: (Najii Person, Brandyn Burnette)

This week’s #5NewTracks list consists of James Chatburn, Najii Person, Brandyn Burnette, and more.

This week’s #5NewTracks list consists of James Chatburn, Najii Person, Brandyn Burnette, and more.


Sol – Legacy (Submission)

Hailing from the Seattle Hip-Hop scene, Sol is back with a wholesome and joyful tune. “Legacy” shares a simple but meaningful message. With the everlasting discussions taking place among writers, fans, and fellow musicians, legacy is a recurring topic. It’s a thought that roams in the back of your favourite musician’s mind. Sol doesn’t want to overwhelm himself with his status and longevity around Hip-Hop. His laid-back delivery helps him vent through his verses about how much he just wants to be remembered for just having a good time.

James Chatburn – In the Wild (Submission)

Fresh from his latest project Damen, James Chatburn gets funky with his track, “In the Wild.” The Australian-born singer lets loose, as he croons over horn and saxophones. It may not sound like a traditional party song, but it has the feel of one.

Najii Person – Money (Submission)

Najii Person is an up and comer to the scene but with his latest track, “Money”, he sounds like a veteran. Person along with ACE provided the unique production to this braggadocios track. Listeners can hear the tremendous amount of swagger from Person, as he rides the beat.

Brandyn Burnette – Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (Submission)

It’s the holiday season, and that means one thing, Christmas songs. The classics are redundant, but it is a pleasure to hear new covers and current artists make it their own. Brandyn Burnette did just that, by adding some Soul and a bit of Jazz to this rendition of this song.

Gibberish – Crow’s Feet (Submission)

Don’t let the band’s name fool you. The Electro-Pop Gibberish band does provide with their latest track, “Crow’s Feet.” It starts off distorted and angry, but transitions into something soft and mellow. The calming sounds pair off with the vocals.

The Federal Empire – Glory Days (Submission) (Bonus)

The Federal Empire seems to have an iron fist ruling over the Alternative Rock scene. In my opinion, they will continue their reign with their latest track, “Glory Days.” “Glory Days” is a hard-hitting and uptempo track that will have listeners singing along instantly.

JEAN – Running on Empty (Submission) (Bonus)

A bunch of my favourite songs consist of an acoustic guitar and the singer. You feel every word and emotion intended. In JEAN’s new single, “Running on Empty” gives us just that, raw emotion. She releases her album on the fifteenth of December. If it is anything like this, it will be a good listen. There have been many times that I have been running on empty but knew that I had to push on. Listen to “Running on Empty” below. I can’t wait for the album. (Thirston Howw)


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