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Toronto singer-songwriter Myles Castello drops highly-anticipated emotive single ‘Blue’: Listen

Photo: Courtesy of the label

Myles Castello has been working overtime during this quarantine! After hosting a successful and creative virtual tour on Instagram, Castello has answered his fan’s call to release the full version of the song he previewed for them, ‘Blue’, and he has done just that. As if we needed more reasons to miss somebody we care about, ‘Blue’ is an emotional track that talks about a lost love. We all can relate to the situation; hurting somebody you love then missing them when they leave. Myles knows how to make a hot song, no doubt, and this is it. The lyrics are emotional, quotable, all the makings of the memorable hit, while the mid-tempo beat is bound to keep you enticed. We’re always ready to see what Myles Castello has coming next, and this track makes us even more anxious.


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