#5NewTracks to get you through the week: (MXMS, Maino)

This week’s #5NewTracks list consists of MXMS, Maino, Tobtok, and more.

This week’s #5NewTracks list consists of MXMS, Maino, Tobtok, and more.



MXMS – Something in the Way (Submission)

From the moment “Something in the Way” by MXMS played, I didn’t want it to end. I am a huge Nirvana fan, so I don’t take covers lightly. What I will say is that there’s lifelessness to the vocals, a bone-chilling backing track, and a solemn respect for the original band. If you follow my Instagram Stories, you saw me singing this one the other night. I am impressed. MXMS is short for “me and my shadow.” The Los Angeles-based Dark Electro duo has encompassed and mirrored American horror films. I’m all for the “Funeral Pop” brand. (Richardine Bartee)

Essie Holt – Underwater (Submission)

One of my biggest fears in life is drowning. Well, that and running out of weed. I can swim. It’s just the thought of not being able to breathe and the water rushing into your lungs makes me wig out. The more you try to gasp for air or hold your breath, the more you dive further into depths of no return. So needless to say, I wear a life jacket anytime I’m in the ocean. I stay in the shallow part of the pool. Listen to Essie Holt’s new release, “Underwater” below. If you’re like me, you will have on your life jacket.

Forest Blakk – Love Me (Submission)

I had been out partying for weeks. Barely spending any time at home, finding excuses to stay away. I was afraid. Afraid of how I would break her heart. I was avoiding the situation at all cost. “Can we talk?” She asked one day as I was trying to escape my reality. “Do you love me? If you do, then, let me go.” That was all she had to say, but it those words pierced through my heart like a dagger. It wasn’t that I hadn’t already moved on in my head, but for some unexplainable reason, my heart hurt. I knew it was for the best. She had given her all. Me, nothing. I was selfish. Forest Blakk takes this seemingly common life occurrence and expresses it perfectly over his new song, “Love Me.” Listen below, and never hold someone’s heart hostage. Let them go.

Maino – Bag Talk featuring Dave East & Jaquae (Submission)

I haven’t heard anything from Maino since 2014 (“K.O.B 2”), so when I saw this new song “Bag Talk,” I opened it quickly. I thought Maino stopped making music. I don’t know why when I listened to this song all I could think about was the television show, “Power.” Like as soon as it came on, all I could see was Tyriq drinking lean with Kanan plotting on a home invasion. With Dave East on the track, spitting [memorable] bars as usual, and Jaquae on the hook, you will run to get the bag. You can find “Bag Talk” on his new album titled, “Party & Pain.” Listen below and get [to] the money.

STITCH – Fool (Submission)

I always tell people, “My mama didn’t raise no fool!” I mean, don’t get me wrong. I’ve done some ridiculously foolish things in life, but in general, I would say I’m doing pretty okay for myself. Okay, there was that one time. No, I’ll just keep that story to myself. STITCH, the British Pop artists bring their new song “Fool” from their upcoming album. I will add it to my car ride playlist, for when people say some dumb shit. Listen to the song below, and you will probably be asking yourself the same thing I was, “Am I a fool?”

Tobtok – We So Right (Submission) (Bonus)

Ever walked into a club and danced your faux fur off? Pleasantly surprised at how much energy you have at ten o’clock, the coat check personnel flashes a huge smile at you. You return the favour. Next, you turnaround to head toward the dancefloor. You are in your full form; At your best. It is far from payday. However, you are a responsible adult. Your bills are paid. The IRS isn’t after you. You do not owe student loans. No one is as happy as you, and that is fine. You’ve earned this moment. After heating up the dancefloor, you’ve made your rounds. The bartender focused on you as soon as you walked up, took your order, and your hot toddy is on the way. That’s where Swedish musician Tobtok’s “We So Right” takes me, a liberating moment in time. Well done, sir. If there’s anything a Swede knows, it is the art and process of making Dance music. (Richardine Bartee)


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