Watch Mulatto’s official video for ‘In n Out’ featuring City Girls

Photo: Courtesy of the label

Mulatto has released the official visuals for her new song, featuring the Rap duo City Girls, who are also dominating the Rap game with their creativity visuals and verses. Mulatto once again delivers a video with a spot-on concept that many can relate to. The 00s theme video was directed by Roxana Baldovin and the production company Reel Goats, who bodied the look.   

The XXL 2020 Freshman even adds a mini skit that transforms the scene into a diner dash scene, where the rapper is seen as the head honcho of the “Big Latto’s”, a made up restaurant that existed since 1998 (the year she was born) and the City Girls as guests with candy cane color-themed outfits. The video has scenes that reference the nostalgic moments of the 00s with a double-dutch and porch scene, those concepts were heavily used in many movies and music videos from that era, and Mulatto delivered it nicely. Watch the video below.

Written by Manny King John

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