Atlanta’s Mulatto enlists Saweetie and Trina for sexy single ‘B*tch From Da Souf (Remix)’: Watch the visual

New RCA Records signee Mulatto has been creating a huge name for herself since her start on Lifetime’s ‘The Rap Game’. The star has since inked a record deal and created a huge buzz following her successful single ‘B*tch From Da Souf’. Now she has teamed up with rappers Saweetie and the legendary Trina for the remix, and we were blessed with an accompanying video.

The video is exactly what you expect from these three stars. It’s sexy, swaggy, and in your face. It’s confident, powerful, colorful, and exciting. Mulatto opens up with her fiery verse, setting the foundation for the fire that is to come. Saweetie comes in on the second verse bringing her ‘ICY’ swag, reminding everybody that she’s not here to play. Trina comes in and finishes us off, cementing her legendary status as the ‘Baddest’ and reminding us why she’s been around for as long as she has.


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