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Moses Sumney’s ‘Make Out in My Car’ isn’t about rushing to the finish line

Last week, Moses Sumney released a four-track EP with extended versions of ‘Make Out in My Car’ featuring Alex Isley, James Blake, and Sufjan Stevens.

Taking your time with someone is unbelievably underrated, and that idea shouldn’t wither away, regardless of the era and what’s the norm. I believe there’s unspoken power [especially as a woman] in waiting to get to know someone before getting naked. My thoughts have nothing to do with religion or my perception of sexual freedom. In general, sex is important. However, [as a woman in her early thirties] I know that all sex isn’t worth time that you won’t get back.

It’s the reason why some people will rather have sex with a former lover as they are dating new people. To be frank, it knocks off some of the inevitable pressure.

It’s incredible how lyrics can inspire you to address parts of your mind and life as a writer. This time, it is Moses Sumney’s ‘Make Out in My Car’. In the hook of the record, he sings that he doesn’t want to go to bed with the person. He’ll take warm (maybe, wet) kisses from the comfort of his car, though.

Last week, Moses Sumney released a four-track EP with extended versions of ‘Make Out in My Car’ featuring Alex Isley (daughter of Ernie Isley), James Blake, and Sufjan Stevens. I like the Sufjan Stevens’ rendition of the track the most. It gives me Iron and Wine vibes. Next comes the version by James Blake. He’s also going on tour. Check out the tour dates for the gifted Los Angeles-native singer-songwriter via his website.


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