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Port Harcourt’s Afropop princess Morravey shares debut EP ‘RAVI’: Stream

Photo: Courtesy of the label

The vibes are high, smooth and packed with love.

Today, Morravey, the twenty-year-old vocal powerhouse signed to Davido’s record label (Davido Music Worldwide), has released a wholesome debut project. Since her contribution to Davido’s ‘Timeless’ album featuring on ‘In the Garden’ with nearly seven million streams on Spotify, I’ve been one of the people anticipating her solo work. As the comms perfectly explains, “Morravey’s EP title ‘RAVI’ which translates to sunlight, perfectly encapsulates the radiant energy that she exudes through her music. Each track on the EP is a testament to her versatility and musical prowess, captivating listeners with its diverse sounds and heartfelt lyrics.

Photo: Courtesy of the label

The listening journey on RAVI commences with ‘What Is Love’, a soul-stirring exploration of the complex dimensions of love. Morravey’s soulful voice effortlessly intertwines with Afro-R&B melodies, painting an intimate portrait of yearning and uncertainty, and resonating with listeners on a profound level.

Following this emotional odyssey is ‘High Again’, a euphoric celebration of love, self-discovery and exuberance. The track captures the electrifying thrill of youth and the blissful feeling of being on cloud nine, inviting audiences to revel in the sheer joy of the moment.

‘Condo’, the third track, is a vibrant homage to her place of heritage, Port Harcourt. Morravey artfully weaves the city’s colloquial lingo into the song, creating a connection between the listener and the authentic voice of her people. The music instrumentation mirrors the genuine sound of Port Harcourt. Through the beats of drums, the resonance of horns, and the playful notes of whistles, this feisty anthem celebrates the city’s spirit through its infectious vivacity and unrestrained enjoyment.


‘My Baby’, the penultimate track, is a heartfelt ode to unwavering affection, celebrating a unique bond that is incomparable. Morravey’s enchanting vocals beautifully depict the essence of cherishing shared moments, capturing the hearts of listeners with its genuine emotion and effervescence.

The EP culminates with ‘Magician’, featuring the iconic Davido. This classic Afro Pop creation blends Morravey’s signature vocal ability alongside Davido’s distinctive raspy voice. Set against rhythmic beats, the track celebrates the resilience and independence of young women, solidifying Morravey’s position as a compelling voice in the contemporary music landscape.”

Stream Morravey’s five track EP below. The vibes are high, smooth and packed with love.

Written by Richardine Bartee

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