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Review: Morgan X Barrie’s forthcoming album ‘Fall’

Over a canvas of warm guitar riffs, Morgan X Barrie pours his heart out and caresses souls with thoughtful lyrics.

Photo: Courtesy of the artist


Morgan X Barrie
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Over a canvas of warm guitar riffs, Morgan X Barrie pours his heart out and caresses souls with thoughtful lyrics. ‘Fall’ is the title of his second album, which embodies a beautiful soundscape. His smooth blending of blues, rock and grunge styles, creates an airy folk sound, which whisks listeners to a place of ethereal imagination.

Setting the tone, of this well-delivered project, is ‘Lost Then Found’. Instantly, trancelike sounds are introduced to your eardrums, creating a clear space for Morgan to clearly express himself, in not too many words. Calming enough to make you lay down, yet powerful enough to awaken your spirit, ‘Lost Then Found’ grasps enough attention to inspire you to listen to the next track. Which proves to be a great choice, as ‘Control’ emerges with its light, and meditating, vocals. You are welcomed into a happy state of mind, through a sound which epitomises earthing, and if you close your eyes tight enough you will feel your nerves relaxing.

Capturing and articulating social concerns, in quite a unique manner, is ‘Plastic’. This track showcases clever song-writing skills, as it lures you in, allowing you to relate, and then somewhere halfway it sparks your brain, and you realise its importance. The harmonica and guitar play a strong role in providing the perfect backdrop for such a meaningful message – and prepare you for ‘The Letter’.

‘The Letter’ subtly captures Morgan’s delightful melodies, strengthening his fluid vocal range. Raw honesty and slow rhythms meet halfway, and this is the most personal track of them it. It almost feels as if you were interrupted from dreaming, to face reality, but that sudden presence is what makes it so powerful. ‘The Letter’ is thought evoking, and as ‘Autumn’ starts, you’re given a moment to think. ‘Autumn’ has no lyrics, but for a moment you may not realise. The feel of the album thus far has been nothing short of enchanting, and this short interlude keeps that momentum going. The stellar sounds of instruments meshing are appreciated.

As this uplifting musical experience progresses, ‘Time To Come Home’ shifts the focus to Morgan’s notably breathy vocals. His range is not too extensive, which makes the remarkable control of such husky vocals stand out, and it’s quite remarkable. Then, he picks up the tempo with ‘Real’, which has a slight Coldplay-esque feel to it, and all you can do is dance along to the outstanding riffs.

Nimble-fingered guitar work and grunge effects make ‘Feeling Winter’ actually feel cold. It is breezy enough to give you chills but light enough to keep your groove going. ‘Feeling Winter’ is the last groove, as the outro track ‘Moments’ is mellow and tranquil. The blend of harmonies, resonating lyrics, and pulsing instruments, wrap up a sweet album experience. At this point, you’ll notice that ‘Fall’ is an album to, quite easily, get lost in.

No matter the weather, where you reside, ‘Fall’ will create, for you, a mental portrait of pleasant nature walks through golden fall foliage, whilst cool breezes brush your skin. Each track carries a unique energy, yet the carefully structured album enables no need for skipping.

Let Morgan X Barrie’s expert fingerpicking clear your mind, by serenading you into a happy place. You won’t be disappointed. ‘Fall’ comes out May 11.

Words by Liss Morales

Written by Manny King John

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