Moony Matelot's cover art for 'Strange Kind of Love'
Photo: Courtesy of the artist
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Hear Moony Matelot’s latest record ‘Strange Kind of Love’ from his new LP: Tempest

The two-minute four-second fantastical song seems to transmit you into a love story that doesn’t fit everyone’s puzzle, but it works for you. Isn’t strange love the best kind of love? If it, love, were perfect all the time would we value it? Would we cherish it? Who knows? But since we haven’t figured it out yet, allow me to dream a little dream: I’m in a canoe on a warm sunny day. I’m in South Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada mountains. This canoe in my fantasy is Granny Smith apple green. It is as light as it ought to be, and made out of fluff. The water is calm, yet moving me along as I think about my future, my love, and my life.

As the chord progress, the canoe sways to the beat. Life isn’t perfect, but within moments like this, we feel it will be. I’m willing to bet the music video for a song like this would be worth the watch. Until then, I invite you to listen to the smooth, flowy track that showcases Moony Matelot’s billowy vocals below. ‘Strange Kind of Love’ is on the New York City-based musician’s new LP entitled, ‘Tempest’.

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