#5NewTracks to get you through the week: (Moonbeau, PnB Rock)

This week’s #5NewTracks list consists of ANOTR, Moobeau, PnB Rock, and more.

This week’s #5NewTracks list consists of ANOTR, Moonbeau, PnB Rock, and more.


ANOTR – The Issue (Submission)

What’s the issue? Standing on the wall and not getting down to ANOTR’s record. The Dutch duo created a short two-minute fifty-second soundscape for a good time. There’s even a sped up part in the track for the crazy in you. Dance to it if you dare.

Moonbeau – In Your Lifetime (Submission)

Mundane vocals atop of layered synths and simple guitar strums popularised in the eighties are what makes Cincinnati, Ohio-band Moonbeau’s song about living life and being in love so attractive. Hear the danceable track, I think it has the potential to be plucked for Seth MacFarlane’s “Family Guy” in the future, below.

Protohype – Made It Home featuring The Arcturians (Submission)

Home is where the foundation of your life begins. It should be an honour to return to home base. Especially, if it is full of love, support, and order. Listen to the tempestuous track by one of Los Angeles’s finest producers Protohype now featuring The Arcturians.

Conspiracy Industries – Monster Club (Submission)

Are you ready to get sucked into the hypnosis of Adam Morris’ smoking gun? His hard-hitting production is the right amount of big bass, synths, and that wonky EDM/Trap vibe that we all love so much. I felt like I heard something similar in an Excision set; That makes me happy. Play the wild, wild track “Monster Club” by the bearded British madman below.

PnB Rock – TTM featuring Wiz Khalifa & NGHTMRE (Submission)

Aren’t you annoyed when people get the wrong idea about you? I have been there. A select group of people, or “haters” like they say, will make things up about you. I cannot fathom how people have time or energy to do what they do, but they find it. In my personal experience, the most lies came from people I used to know. It seems it is the same case here. Lastly, I have secretly imagined Ty Dolla $ign singing “TTM.” Am I crazy or does it sound like he could be on this record?

LPX – Slide (Submission) (Bonus)

Playing it safe has never worked out for me. The last time I tried, it didn’t end well. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t ask anyone to follow me. The kind of things that happen to me and for me on a daily basis isn’t for the faint. Check out the Indie Pop singer LPX’s new track titled, “Slide.” It’s about letting things slide and others having control over your destiny. My only question is: For how long?

On a side note, I appreciate that sexy howl-like vocal at the end. Thank you.


Song of the Day: ‘Say Something’ by Timbaland featuring Drake

Song of the Day: ‘Somebody Else’ by CAMARANO