Review: ‘Alive’ serves its purpose; Monique Angele should fine-tune vocal delivery on next LP



Monique Angele

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Monique Angele, a Melbourne, Australia-based singer-songwriter, released a six-track album called ‘Alive’. According to the Canadian recording artist wanted to make something that pushed boundaries as far as the art of music is concerned, but it was difficult for us to stay on track with the beautification of its musicality because of the execution. At the present moment, we are unsure where Angele’s music would fit best in the realm of classical and pop landscapes, but it’s in a category of its own.

We don’t have a favourite track from the LP. However, we think she does have some strong vocal moments. Other times, not so much. We aren’t counting her out, but we think she should refocus her creative energy on the areas that are better than the others. Outside of the vocal effort, we enjoyed what we did hear, instrument wise.

Listen to her single, ‘Our Paradise’. Then, watch the video for ‘I Want a World’ below.

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