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5@5: A morning playlist featuring Molly DeWolf, Motion Device, and more

This week’s #5NewTracks list consists of Molly DeWolf, Ave, Motion Device, and more.

This 5@5 morning playlist consists of Molly DeWolf, Ave, Motion Device, and more.


Rain on Monday – Hiding Places (Submission)

Talk about the right track to get you in the mood. Swedish duo Rain on Monday’s latest single “Hiding Places” is the kind of mood music to aid you in your daily achievements. It could be what we associate 80s music with, or it could be the raspiness of the voice. Whatever it is, it feels good. Play it again, deejay.(Richardine Bartee)

Ave – Bubble Rap (Submission)

Okay, I know last time I was hard on Ave, but he deserved every word. So naturally, when I saw this video I wanted to delete my browser history immediately. I’m high, so I said: “Fuck It!” I pressed play. Bruh, why? Okay, I will say this. I liked this song more than the last one. I can sort of see his vision. Still, he lacks something. I want him to rap how he does at the 1:23 mark in the video. That makes me feel like he wants to do this shit. The video isn’t the greatest, but nowadays what video is? I liked the DIY approach, but it didn’t excite me. Check out Ave’s “Bubble Rap” below. Then, you tell me that he shouldn’t just be making songs with that cadence at 1:23 mark. Those are songs people will listen all the way through. Why act like you can’t rap if you can?

Paige Bea – Pick Up Your Heart (Submission)

“People don’t listen anymore. People just talk [at] each other.”

It is an honest statement. Sometimes, I feel like I’m talking to a brick wall. I would have better conversations alone. Paige Bea tells us to pick up our hearts and not be selfish. Her voice is gracious, and I can play it for my parents. I won’t have my dad yelling at me to turn down the crap. If it weren’t for the song, I probably wouldn’t have watched the video. It didn’t capture me visually. It is a good thing she can sing! Watch Paige Bea’s “Pick Up Your Heart” and let’s all try to learn to be better people.

Timothy – Dust (Submission)

I’m pretty sure I only want to listen to international music right now. It captures my emotions and thoughts perfectly. Timothy’s new single “Dust” has just been added to my life soundtrack. It is his first single; I am already waiting for the next. If he keeps it up, like this, he may give us something very memorable soon. Like an entire album. Play this, now.

Motion Device – Unbroken (Submission)

There’s nothing like a [good] mosh pit. Like, who does not want to get in the middle and elbow people for fun? Motion Device blesses us with their latest release “Unbroken.” I would like to see the fifteen-year-old Canadian singer with an all-female band. I think that would make this perfect. Do you even metal? Listen to the track right now.

Molly DeWolf – 8 Seconds (Submission)(Bonus)

Do you believe in love at first sight? How long did it take you to know? Would you change anything about the love you have? From staring at someone from across a crowded room to living the rest of your life with that person. Some say when you know you know. There are those times when we miss our window of opportunity. Then, we feel like, if given the chance that things would be different. I say if someone makes you feel good and happy, keep them around. It is hard to find. Listen to Molly DeWolf’s “8 Seconds” below. It’s a song about love. We need more songs like this.



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