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Hippie rapper Mod Sun shares new video for “No Shirt On”

Watch the vivid new video from his third studio album, BB.

Mod Sun releases the latest from his third studio album, BB.



ot since the 1970’s have you seen a hippy with the style and charisma of Mod Sun. In his newest video: “No Shirt On,” he takes the hippy vibes up a notch as he cruises in his old-school Volkswagen bus with “no shirt on, head hanging out the window.” It is the second video from his latest album: BB.

The movie begins with a shot of Mod Sun sitting outside of his house, with a pile of shirts ablaze next to him. Brennan Peirson shot and edited the video. He did amazing work! From the first scene to the very last, it has a fun, playful feeling, that gets a little trippy at times, but never takes away from the natural authenticity of the track. Overall, the message is clear: Don’t take yourself too seriously and enjoy every moment of your life.

Throughout the video, Mod Sun remains shirtless, flaunting his tattoos for everyone to see. The most prominent is his stomach tattoo that reads: Happy to be here. It is Mod Sun’s motto. This song is an anthem for sure. It will start a craze. All over the warmer states for the next few months, and then onto the rest of the United States come springtime, we will begin to see more and more kids driving down the road in their hometown, without a shirt to be seen and a smile as big as the grand canyon, blasting this tune.

Mod Sun
Photo: Brennan Peirson

The pure energy of this song is so bold and beautiful that it can be easy to glance over each of the individual sounds in the track. From the horns at the beginning to the samples of Mod Sun snapping and his dog barking. Even the 808 in the background that pitches up and down in its glorious melody, each sound fits together like a puzzle.

Well, if you don’t mind, I’m going to hop in my car and bump the rest of Mod Sun’s newest album: BB; No shirt needed!

Words by Oliver Manifest



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