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Known for timepieces that mix design with urban innovation and a playful attitude, TechnoMarine incorporates elements of water, exploration and fun while also providing functionality, performance and user-friendliness in its watches. The first ever timepiece brand to position diamonds on a diving chronograph, TechnoMarine’s pieces bridge active urbanites to the marine universe and is innovative as it continuously evolves its collections.

Engineered in Geneva, TechnoMarine products are hybrids of originality and design. Just in time for the holiday season, TechnoMarine launches their newest timepiece collection Aquasphere. Launched exclusively on in the U.S., the Aquasphere collection incorporates all of TechnoMarine’s values of freedom, pleasure and adventure. Every watch in the Aquasphere collection contains a glass aqua-dome meant to symbolize one’s freedom of expression, freedom in aesthetic and a freedom of trying to reach the surface, following its own way above common laws. The luxurious timepieces also incorporate an element of pleasure shown by rows of diamonds circling the stainless steel cases of styles 813004 and 813003, in addition to fresh water pearls which can be found floating freely through three of the four Aquasphere styles; the pleasure of uniqueness which provides an endless feeling of happiness. The entire Aquashpere collection is water resistant up to 100 meters (330 ft) and features a patented strap changing system, each watch including one additional strap. The designs exude an aspect to never stop exploring, always swim between reality and fantasy.

For the past 16 years, TechnoMarine has produced unconventional, iconoclastic wristwatches with maritime roots. Mixing codes, design and materials, TechnoMarine also offers pieces that attract urbanites of all ages. Using bold colors and a variety of materials, TechnoMarine has eight distinctive collections that fit multiple personalities and lifestyles. The straps come in an assortment of materials – from ceramic to silicon, nylon or metallic links – to match any occasion and are easily interchangeable. The watches come with 3 different types of movements: 3-Hand Quartz, Chrono Quartz, and Automatic. These styles are also made with 200M (660ft) water resistance, which can withstand prolonged periods of time underwater. TechnoMarine provides consumers with the freedom to choose and invest in a piece that best matches their individuality.

TechnoMarine integrates elements of innovation and exploration while designing its pieces to suit a person’s individualistic style. The company strives to provide their buyers with top of the line product with guides and care maintenance instructions that make owning this timepiece user-friendly. The Aquasphere watches, sold exclusively on, are just a small glimpse into the direction TechnoMarine is heading and is an example of their ground-breaking ways.

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Written by Manny King John

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