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7@7: An evening playlist featuring Miss June and Shannon O’Hara


AHZ – Bad Decisions (Submission)

Some of us are more prone to making “bad” decisions than others. AHZ, a group comprised of lead vocalist Adam O’Rourke of 2Cents, Los Angeles-based producers Loren Moore, SAVI, and Brody Jenner (MTV’s ‘The Hills’), share their debut single which has been referred to as a “snotty rock chants with jangling guitar melodies and drops all over 808s beats with a dubstep-influenced drop.” I couldn’t have said it before, so I didn’t. If your bad decisions helped you along the way, this song is for you.

“The song ‘Bad Decisions’ is for anyone who has felt like their worst decisions are their best ones. It’s about looking at your bad decisions without shame, owning them and celebrating them for what they are. This release is special because not only is it our first release, it’s the song that shaped our sound into what it is today”, commented Brody Jenner.

Hear it below. It’ll be hard not to sing it throughout your day.

Miss June – Best Girl (Submission)

When the emergence of girl groups came to prominence in the United States, I was a little too young to travel to see them play, so when I hear and see them now, it feels like a privilege. Miss June isn’t an all-woman group, but it is fronted by an incredible vocalist Annabel Liddel. Keeping up the theme of “bad” luck being a good thing, the fun track takes the pressure off of wallowing in misfortune, and claiming it and celebrating it. It is an explosive record, and I believe the proper creative Ch’lita Collins-directed visual complements the garage rock style record well. Check out the Auckland, New Zealand band’s latest track now. If you’re up for seeing them play, they are in New York City right now. You’ve missed them at Elsewhere (June 17) and Berlin (June 18), but they have one more show coming up on June 20. For my Los Angeles readers, the awesome new band plays at La Cita (June 21) and The Avalon (June 24) this week, too!

It is “an anthem for anyone who has been misled from birth, into battle for a spot that doesn’t exist”, says Liddell.

The Jazzual Suspects – Sleeping Giant (Part 1) (Submission)

To me, like what the two records above have conveyed, based on what I’ve learned, Jazz was the less desirable stepchild in the family of music. It’s why whenever great compositions come my way, the need to support is tactful and high on my list. Who are The Jazzual Suspects? It is producer Charlie Tate, the incredible musician apparently responsible for Om Records stalwarts King Kooba and Colossus. He has done a fantastic job telling the Sleeping Giant’s story through music. Hear the musical composition below.

Shannon O’Hara – The Fire (Submission)

Unfortunately, American Idol isn’t something that I’ve had the time nor the blessing of watching, but upon hearing Miss O’Hara’s voice, I knew she was someone who had some professional experience with recording. You could hear it in her voice, through the high-quality production and mix, and the songwriting. Stream ‘The Fire’ below to hear how the love of her life makes her feel inside. Miss O’Hara, I’ve been there and it is beautiful.

Japanese Television – Crocodile Dentist (Submission)

Aside from absolutely loving the band’s name and the titles of their songs, I am enamoured by their ability to make wordless statements. ‘Crocodile Dentist’ sounds like it was made to sync to that part of the movie where the surfer gets away from the shark in the ocean by the skin of his teeth! Intense action, indeed. Imagine having to clean crocodile teeth, though. Your blood sugar spiked at the mere notion of it.

Hendrix Harris – Zone (Submission)

Taking us into the evening with ‘Zone’, a song with hypnotic melody and heavy bass, its creator Hendrix Harris is a travelled man with many influences and experiences. To me, his vocals caress whichever backing track he’s on, almost dialling back the hard, edgy coldness of the machine-made beat. ‘Zone’ is an attractive single from his debut solo extended play called ‘Falcon’, which is set to come out this year. Check it out.

Stephen Puth – Look Away (Submission)

Once you’re with someone who makes you happy, for some, it is difficult to see a life without them. In Stephen Puth’s ‘Look Away’, the Los Angeles-based singer starts the record with the sheer honesty of not wanting to see his previous lover with anybody else. I love how he expresses himself. However, thankfully, I cannot relate to what he’s saying. I haven’t ever felt the need to change the course of anyone else’s growth or have I tried to keep someone in my life when our moment came to an end—even if I thought they were the best person for me. He does address his stance on paranoia and the thoughts he can’t avoid, and his insecurity, which makes it better for me as a woman and a listener.

MIRRORS – Dreams (Submission) (Bonus)

Heavy on the synths, creepy cuteness on the vocals, what else could you possibly want out of an Indie Electronic record? MIRRORS, the brainchild of Sean Goldie, a Seattle-based producer and instrumentalist soothes my soul with his means of expression. Check out the well-produced track below, and try not to fall into a deep sleep like me.


Written by Richardine Bartee

Her unprejudiced love for people, the arts, and business have taken her this far. Join Richardine on her journey as she writes history into existence, one article at a time. Richardine is a member of the Recording Academy/GRAMMYs, and a GRAMMY U Mentor. She is the North American Press Agent and US Business Manager for Oxlade; Follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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