Premiere: Los Angeles-based artist Mini Trees shares emotive debut single ‘Steady Me’

The calming tune covers an array of emotions that no one could brace you for, ever: Just experience.

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

For the past thirty days, I’ve actively been working towards finding peace. To my surprise, ‘Steady Me’ by Mini Trees made me feel like I was closer to my personal goal. The song is about the various feelings others makes us feel. It’s an array of emotions that no one could brace you for, ever. If you’re like me, though, this song may help you to relax; get through it.

Listen to the calming composition by the Los Angeles, California-based artist Lexi Vega, who creates under the name—Mini Trees—below, exclusively, today. The first single/title track is from her forthcoming debut EP, which feature five song that details “years of navigating unforgiving waters in search of self and frames them with poignancy, a touch of angst, and meticulously crafted guitar and synth textures.”

Its production is by her musical partner, Jon Joseph.