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#5NewTracks to get you through the week (Miles Dismond, Dig Exotic)

This week’s #5NewTracks list consists of Miles Dismond, Dig Exotic, Poster Children, and more.

This week’s #5NewTracks list consists of Miles Dismond, Dig Exotic, Poster Children, and more.


Miles Dismond
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Miles Dismond – Maybe You Love Her

How smooth can one human being be? I didn’t think it was possible until Miles Dismond showed up in my inbox. The Berkeley, California-based musician released an exceptionally atmospheric melody about the female species. Moreover, I’m willing to bet that most music is about women, as there are far more male musicians than sperm in one’s scrotum. Furthermore, what are we without said sperm? We couldn’t love her or him or them without it. Keep the sack strong. Listen to Miles Dismond.

Dig Exotic – Secret Keeper

If “Secret Keeper” by Dig Exotic isn’t one of the sexiest songs you’ve heard, you don’t know a thing about good, deep dark, sadistic sex. Women are brilliant. They are so sexy that I don’t know if we know we’re giving it off. Please, understand, when I use the word “sex”, as in female, the dominant/first species. According to the artist, Vince Staples’ rap album, Summertime ‘O6 inspired her. Significantly, I admire how one genre of music strikes inspiration in another style of music. Listen to the standout record from Dig Exotic’s “Act One” EP below.

Hadj – Got That Pack

Not everyone is gifted enough to make music that is performance-ready. Hadj, an Atlanta-based recording artist, effortlessly achieves one of the hardest things for a new artist. When you’ve worked with musicians—extensively like I have—you understand how important it is to master breathe control. Based on my experience, “Got That Pack” sounds like a cut that’s easy to perform in a club.

If you’ve been following me for some time, you know how much music means to me. If it can make me dance, it’s a plus. “Got That Pack” doesn’t fall short of that ability.

SIAH – Love N’ Affection

In what starts off with synths that sound like they were taken straight from Napoleon Dynamite, SIAH sings about needing love and affection. Oddly, I think that’s what pulls it together for me. We know how awkward the teen was, but we appreciate the Idahoan’s social dysfunction, his friendship with a Mexican transfer student, and his strange fondness for Deb. Like my endearment for the 2004 comedy, there’s something ‘wrong’ about the American singer’s song. Nonetheless, it works. If the drums weren’t what they are, I would have skipped over this track. Shout out the engineer on the mix, too. It is well-done.

Poster Children – Grand Bargain!

Nothing like a political Rock song about America to get your blood pumping. Right on time, the Poster Children track warns us to watch out for corporate people. It’s the band’s first new album in fourteen years! It seems Trump’s presidency pulled them out of their hiatus, making sure that the Illinois band shared it with you today—the anniversary of Trump’s inauguration. Stream the Champagne, Illinois-native band’s first single from the Spring album below.

Manny Baby – Flexed Up (Bonus)

In the hook, you’ll hear the usual tale about women who didn’t want a man when he wasn’t doing well. Unfortunately, most women and men are attracted to successful people. I didn’t make it that way. Regardless, doesn’t it feel great to at least flex on people who tried to play you once upon a time? Stream the well-produced single “Flexed Up” from Manny Baby’s new mixtape, “Handy Manny.”

PS: The Milwaukee-based recording artist only submitted “Flexed Up” to two blogs. We feel honoured to be counted as one to contact.

Wes Krave – Look At Ya’ Self (Bonus)

Personally, I think the lyrical delivery of the song is a little staggered, but I believe the message is an important one. If you get around to hearing the Floridian rapper’s track, try to answer each question as he asks. Check out Wes Krave’s “Look at Ya’ Self” below.


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