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Get to know Mike11, the new multitalented artist with Jeremih and Scott Storch by his side

Finding the ‘perfect’ woman must be difficult—when there’s three of them in bed with you, but there’s no judgment there. It’s the first thing we see.

Finding the ‘perfect’ woman must be difficult—when there’s three of them in bed with you, but there’s no judgment there. It’s one of the first things we see.


Photo: Courtesy of the publicist

Is it considered the ‘Spanish guitar’ like the one Carlos Santana plays? Whatever the instrument, the mysterious Mike11 handles and plays it well. Before now, I didn’t know anything about the rising Los Angeles-based musician, but I’m happy that I do. You’re probably asking yourself: Why? I’ve existed in the music industry for a decent amount of time. It is not a simple order of business to have the legendary producers and singers on your record. You have to be as dedicated as they are. I imagine that’s what happened with the artist, and his track, “Tata”.

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The young entertainer has a Scott Storch cameo in the video; He produced the record. Mike11, on the other hand, doesn’t say a word. I don’t know why, but I like it. It makes me curious about what’s to come—if he will interact (or say anything) next time.

When it comes to “Tata”, it depicts the type of woman men want to keep close or marry. A Tata is a ‘ride or die’, someone who will weather the storm with you. On a personal side, I’m all for the movement—just as long as it means he will do the same should he have to assume the role.

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In case you’re wondering, the 20-year-old guitarist writes music and produces, too, but he didn’t write the “Tata” record. Jeremih is the credited writer. Scott Scorch said the following about Mike11:

“I was so happy to work with Mike11 once I saw his amazing skills on the Portuguese guitar. ‘My Tata’ is a timeless song with beautiful music, and Jeremih killed the verses making a perfect harmony. Without a doubt, this song will be an international hit.”

It’s all exciting with the recent mainstream attention Latin music has garnered over the last year.

In the meantime, watch the video below for the song inspired by Narcos, the Netflix Original Series.

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