R&B singer-songwriter Mike Shorey talks early beginnings with Fabolous, regressing from the spotlight, new music and more

Photo: Lambo Show

Brooklyn-born singer and songwriter, Mike Shorey, stopped by ‘The Moving Forward Show’ to share his journey into music and the experiences that followed after. He discusses his early entry into the game through the help of Fabolous and the epic moments that shaped the direction of his life. Known mostly for his hooks during the early to mid-2000s, Shorey is looking to create his own wave in music, and film. The interview is laced with gems and gives a very in-depth look at the importance of having your business together in music, as well as, allowing yourself to be able to move as the door open. This episode is informative and gives an inside look into the industry and the life of Mike Shorey.

Be sure to check out this episode of ‘The Moving Forward Podcast’; with Flow and Show below.

Photo: Lambo Show


Written by Manny King John

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