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#10NewRecords to get you through the week: 9 (Mike SB, SEAWAVES)

This week’s #10NewRecords list consists of Mellow Mood, Mike SB, SEAWAVES, Nelyland, and more.

Mike SB
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Mellow Mood – Sound of a War (Submission)

Italian Reggae collective exhibit consciousness, and social awareness, in their refreshing new single ‘Sound of a War’. The impeccable, Carribean-infused, live sound of the band provides a cooling backdrop for raw, and honest, lyricism. Sound of a War attacks the political elite by calling out those, in today’s society, that pretend to care about the people.

Alêtro – Bubblebeam (Submission)

Lush production of breezy sounds and electronic grooves make up the vivacious soundscape of, new single, ‘Bubblebeam’, by Alêtro. The producer meshes Nintendo 64 in-game sounds, with sweet samples of female vocals, and the end result has all of the attributes needed to be a club banger. This fun-loving track is bound to get you grooving.

SEAWAVES – Her (Submission)

SEAWAVES take listeners away, to an ethereal land, with their dreamy new single ‘Her’. Packed with inspirational lyrics, breath-taking melodies and captivating beats, Her is the ultimate feel-good track. Whether you’re on the beach with friends, or driving solo to work, this track will brighten up your playlist – as the good vibes it exudes will leave you feeling fresh and motivated.

KaraJishi – Give Up The Ghost (Submission)

The reality of R&B vocalist, Elijah Blake, and Metal/Rock instrumentalist, Ben Strick, joining forces exceeds expectations. The duo unveil the first single, ‘Give Up The Ghost’, from their collaborative project KaraJishi – and it is very impressive. The other-worldly single displays sounds of mysticism and a powerfully-smooth vocal range, whisking listeners to a place of musical pleasure. It’s for the dreamers, and sets a supernatural tone for their up-coming LP ‘Realm’.

Mike SB – Undefeated

No matter the weather outside, the Latin-inspired sound of rapper, Mike SB’s, track ‘Undefeated’ will bring Summer to your soul. Mike SB conveys a message of gratitude, as he takes listeners on a ride of nostalgia, as he reflects on his sources of motivation. Undefeated feels like success. It feels like beach waves, ocean views, picturesque sunsets and positive inspiration.

Shyland Flowers – For The Wire featruing Skyzoo & Rekadon (Submission)

Shyland Flowers, and Skyzoo and Rekadon, murder the cleverly-sampled beat with impressive lyrical ability, in new single ‘For The Wire’. The nostalgic sound delivered on this track are reminiscent of Old-School Hip-Hop – from the authentic production to the heavy rhythmic flows of the artists. ‘For The Wire’ is a hot track, that is full of raw soulful energy.

“á la Beast – Next Level Love” (Submission)

Energetic South-African vibes lay the foundation for the liberating ‘Next Level Love’, by á la Beast. Production of the track must have been fun, as great energy shines through the psychedelic Trip-Hop delivered. ThaSauce’s honest rap bounces off the, 90s big beat influenced, instrumental so well – making the track one of many solid singles, featured on the ‘Calm Down, Kid’ album.

Nelyland – Sunrise (Submission)

Nigerian artist, Nelyland, turns pain to rainbows, with his new single ‘Sunrise’. Sunrise is an Afro-Soul track that blends the beat of Africa, with a pinch of auto-tune, to create an intimate sound of enlightenment. Nelyland tells a tale of a world, filled with storms and sadness, from an optimistic standpoint – breathtakingly reminding listeners of the inner-light that is within us all.

Raul Gee – Special (Submission)

Special’ is the airy new single by Raul Gee, that sounds like the third cousin of Jazz and Blues. The track, which features on the artists ‘77’ EP, is a flowery Hip-Hop ensemble – that creates mental imagery of a sweet picnic on a beautiful day. The delicate female harmonies and sounds of birds compliment the artist’s authentic rap-ability, bringing brightness to lyrics describing harsh realities.

Cool Company – Be More Mad (Submission)

Ever been disappointed, yet instead of being upset, you felt nothing? Well, the unorthodox duo, Cool Company, have created a go-to anthem for those that have. ‘Be More Mad’ is a blend of Conscious Rap and soulful grooves, used to deliver a testimony of not giving a damn. Liberating, with a Gospel-esque undertone, this new single will make you feel like you’re floating from start-to-finish.

Words by Liss Morales

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