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Miguel’s “Wild Heart,” Reviewed

“Wild Heart” is what you’ve been missing.

Reviewing an album within a few days is always a daunting task. What may be your favorite song today will change in 3 weeks. I find it disrespectful to review an artist’s material in 24 hours. I kept treating this article like it was the living, breathing, Constitution — constantly adding and updating. “Wild Heart” was a lot to take in and don’t pause me. It was sensual, moving, captivating. With every listen, I hear a new line, synth, or a new angle, reinterpreting what I thought previously. His sophomore effort was banging, but this is beyond that—a great body of work and comfort. Sonically, it picked up where “Kaleidoscope Dream” was, and took the off beaten path to make a sharp left.


Snapshot: Musical, cohesive, colorful, vibrant, opaque, serious, emotionally-transparent, stylish, and vivid.

“Wild Heart” is all vibes with an underlying motif of escapism via indulgence. Enchantment, lust, and introspection are also a few of the key concepts embedded in the album. Miguel is speaking to my carnal desire, as he has a knack for conveying the deep intoxication of like. Sometimes you know it’s right, and you have to trust in that metaphysical experience — cues lead single “Coffee” Hey new boo!

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“…goingtohell” and “a beautiful exit” paint these hedonistic experiences, creating moments of personal nostalgia. It subtly stirs emotions that you thought had vanished. Proceed with caution: Romantic amnesia will make you drunk call / text / fuck your ex. Miguel’s genre-bending and fusion of punch drunk lyrics make this the album of the Summer.

“The album is not perfect. At times, it can be monotonous. My bias against rapper Kurupt will never allow me to like the feature “NWA.”

Some audiophiles will find this album over mixed and inauthentic with flares of candy-coated Rock throughout the album. To those critics, I say this album isn’t for you and that’s OK! Most of the album was self-produced and like a true singer-songwriter, he is adept at positioning that signature falsetto. I can feel his intuitiveness and confidence in and from the studio. My true intention was to provide a snapshot of the album. Thus, giving a review of every song will rob you blind of the experience of “Wild Heart”. I’m sure by the time this is published, I will have a new favourite song because that’s just the way the album goes.

Standouts: “…goingtohell,” “FLESH,” “the valley,” “a beautiful exit,” and “destinado a morir.”


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