Miguel Talks New Album “Wild Heart”, EDM & Suddenly Being Sued For The Infamous “Leg Drop”


Soul R&B singer Miguel visited The Breakfast Club this week to talk about his new album “Wild Heart”, the official single “Coffee”, and whether or not he will explore the EDM sound. During the interview, he spoke about the infamous fall (leg drop at the award show) and the update about the woman wanted to sue, years after. He takes a walk down memory lane to talk about how “Adorn” changed his life, and taking control of his career. He says, he thinks that it changed the way people look at him as an artist. In addition, he talks about how he picks which artists he’s going to work or collaborate with. If it doesn’t make sense audibly, he doesn’t do it. He likes to take the honest approach. In conclusion, he talks about his interesting fashion choices of the past and admitting why he believes his choices were odd. Watch as the singer talks about his transcendental meditation in the video interview.

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