Miguel tells Apple Music about ‘Art Dealer Chic 4’ on R&B Now Radio

Photo: Apple Music

Miguel joins Nadeska on R&B Now Radio on Apple Music 1 to discuss the release of ‘Art Dealer Chic 4’. He also discusses creating the original series, his mindset in 2021, and how he wants to make ’stadium R&B’ songs.

Photo: Apple Music

On releasing ‘Funeral’

Funeral was sort of a first step, a first attempt in exploring and I intend on continuing to do it. How it sort like all comes together may be different, but definitely was something that I was excited to put out there just to prod at my listeners and my audience and just to see if they’ll go down that path with me. And I love my fans, man, they’re so awesome, they’re down to just ride. I think they expected of me so it’s cool.

On his mindset coming into 2021

Yeah all in all I’m healthy. The real truth is that growth comes out of uncomfortability. The solitude, the conversations though uncomfortable, I think really helped me become more educated, more sure of, more clear, more conscious of an ability to help other people understand. It didn’t all happen on social media. I think a lot of the beauty of last year’s events was that they were private conversations happening, hard private conversations happening.

On creating ‘Art Dealer Chic 4’

It was these conversations that I think helped put me in a much clearer position and actually helped me decide that, doing ‘Art Dealer Chic’ series was the right place to start because it wasn’t only last year but the prior years, I think there were just big shifts in my life and my priorities. And the one thing that kept ringing back was that I curate my experience, how I see a misstep if I take it, if I see it as a mistake and I loath over it, then I’m a victim. But if I look at it as a student, then I become accountable and now I’m in control.

Reminisces on creating ‘Arch & Point’

I do remember very vividly sitting at the studio with Mac and Brian and our friend Taz. It was inspired by guy talk, and just really being like, “Ooh, I love when they point there”, it was that kind of like we were sharing art, whatever and not to get too graphic, but the reason why it made sense for ‘Art Dealer Chic’ was that again, it’s like when you put it out there, if that’s what you want, the more that you put it out there, the more likely that you’re going to experience it. That’s why the line is not every good girl knows or every bad girl knows, arch your back, point your toes. So it was me literally going, “I’m going to apply my belief in this direction.”

On creating “stadium” R&B songs

I want to make stadium R&B. What does this sound like? What does that… I want to make big, We Will Rock You R&B songs. That was another approach that was important to me because that’s what I was singing. That’s the kind of artist that… I wanted to experience those settings. I wanted to experience that sort of feedback.

Written by Manny King John

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