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7@7: An evening playlist featuring Migos, Ms Banks and more

This 7@7 evening playlist consists of Migos, Ms Banks, Nico Gomez, and more.

Ms Banks

Migos – Narcos (Submission)

Addressing the groups of people who don’t understand their influence, Migos lets them know that what they make is not ‘mumble rap’. The legendary Atlanta-native trio enjoys themselves, but it’s not long before they have to deal with a dilemma. Watch the new video co-directed by Quavo and Joseph Desrosiers below to see what happens.

Over the weekend, Migos won ‘Best Group’ at the BET Awards. Next month, their tour with Drake—Aubrey and the Three Migos—begins.

Satin Jackets – Take It From Me featuring Emma Brammer (Submission)

In a track that is longer than most songs out today, Satin Jackets releases a composition that features singer Emma Brammer. She delivers an emotional story over sultry production—suggesting that we take her advice, so we will not make the same mistakes. How often do we listen to anyone who has been through some shit? Usually, we go through it and then, we connect to a song. Or we are advised, and we are stubborn, so we do what we want to do anyway. Humans are fantastic, aren’t we? Without further ado, listen to the Eskimo Recordings track below.

Cyrus Smith – Why? featuring Kallie Rock (Submission)

Keeping it youthful and age-appropriate, Los Angeles-native singer Cyrus Smith teams up with Kallie Rock for a song called, ‘Why?’ It’s the kind of song that young people would make their go-to song for the Summer as a soundtrack for the love story they are living out. Lastly and on a side note, it is a sincere pleasure since I’ve interviewed the director Edgar Estevez in the past. Watch the official video for “Why?” below.

Reza Cage – Velvet Drapes featuring Telfair (Submission)

Who doesn’t have the case of the ex? I’m still dealing with remnants of my past right now. It’s like, the people you want to disappear don’t. And the others, well, we know how that story ends. The Brooklyn-based musician’s lo-fi track encapsulates what it’s like to be in touch with your former lover. Mercury? Wind it down this evening with the sensual vocals from Reza Cage’s ‘Velvet Drapes’ featuring Telfair. He sounds like Pharrell when he comes on the beat.

Ms Banks – Clap (Personal)

Yesterday, British rapper Ms Banks shared the official video for ‘Clap’, a fun song about her new status and success. Once you’ve reached the place in your career where you are in demand, your inevitable ‘haters’ seem to appear in multitudes. From the streets to the strip club, Ms Banks gives a taste of what it’s like to be her. Also, her fashion sense is always on point. She gives you the around-the-way girl and rising diva all at the same time. Watch the new video for Ms Banks’ ‘Clap’ directed by Ray Fiasco below. It’s a track from the mixtape: The Coldest Winter Ever.

WESLEE – Boys Cry (Submission)

I think it’s great when all sexes are capable of crying in public without being referred to as a sissy or less than what their gender says that they should be. I want boys and men to be emotional. It is the only way to combat all of the ugliness that we face at the hands of emotionless men. As the song suggests, show emotion. We all (should) cry.

Jamar Carr – Million Dollar Slaves (Submission)

Taking soundbites from jarring perspectives on the news and the controversial Kanye West, Jamar Carr uses the audio to build his lyrical case about the current events happening in America. Dissecting what he believes most (or all) non-Black people think about people of colour, the Queens-native emcee says ‘Shut the hell up and/Be happy that you’re making/A salary that’s a blessing/You never seen pain/You never seen oppression’. To hear more of his perspective, listen to the Bandit Luce-produced record below.

Nico Gomez – Vorhang Auf (Submission) (Bonus)

Here’s one of those songs that even though we don’t speak the native tongue of the artist, we appreciate the quality of its sound and how the vocalist delivers his message. Everything from the press release to the quick pitch is in German. In my American mind, Dutch and German words aren’t too far apart. Therefore, I’m able to appreciate the information and its vocal cadence.

Shawna Virago – TRANIMAL (Submission) (Bonus)

It isn’t easy being a woman, so being a transwoman can’t be too far from that experience. Embracing what she is and saying fuck off to simple-minded individuals, Shawn Virago sings about being a fierce individual, in the wake of the injustices trans people face.

“This country needs this trans-anthem more than ever before,” she says. “They can’t keep us down — and what better time to fight back and declare our power than Pride Month?”

Virago is a longtime underground queer music icon, and Tranimal is part of her legacy of trans/queer transgrrl power songs. Perhaps, one-day humans will live in a world where gender isn’t so touchy; appreciating our differences. Until then, watch the music video for the forward-thinking transgender musician’s newest single below. It’s called: TRANIMAL.

Written by Richardine Bartee

Her unprejudiced love for people, the arts, and business have taken her this far. Join Richardine on her journey as she writes history into existence, one article at a time. Richardine is a member of the Recording Academy/GRAMMYs, and a GRAMMY U Mentor. She is the North American Press Agent and US Business Manager for Oxlade; Follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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