Richardine Bartee and Two Lewis guest feature on The Mighty Healthy Podcast

Richardine Bartee and Two Lewis in New York City

Photo: Jason Johnson

During their time at The Mighty Healthy Podcast, Richardine Bartee (Yams) and Two Lewis discussed the importance of modern entertainers like Juvenile, Lil Wayne, the twentieth anniversary of Juvenile’s legacy album ‘400 Degreez’, and Cash Money Records’ influence on the entire music industry, over time. Additionally, we talked about the differences of being from the Big Apple versus the South. Stream the hour-plus podcast below to learn more about each person on the show, and their takes on each topic.

If you like what you hear, stay tuned for part two. We talk about New York City in depth, the music industry in New York City, who the King of New York is, and who is running the culture right now.

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