Song of the Day: ‘Do You Believe’ by Michael P Cullen


Michael P Cullen wants to know of you believe in love. Watch his video for ‘Do You Believe’ below.

Name: Michael P Cullen
Representing: Sydney, Australia
Genre: Adult Alternative Rock, Baroque Pop, Gothic Rock
For fans of: Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave, The National, Tindersticks, The Go Betweens
Single from: Love Transmitter
Produced by: Michael P Cullen
Song of the Day: April 2, 2018
Label(s): Independent

Michael P Cullen
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

As a millennial or an ‘echo boomer’, it is difficult to believe in love. Seemingly, but I could be wrong, everyone is out for themselves—also meaning like-minded individuals—and their agenda. Lately, more than ever, it’s a practice of mine; I have good reasons. Neglecting myself of deep emotional commitment and companionship is necessary—to me. Why? People who aren’t like me, or people who cannot understand me, will get in the way of what I enjoy doing for work and pleasure. If any ‘baby boomers’ read this, they might feel infinite sorrow for me, but they shouldn’t. As odd and sad as it may seem, I am contempt with what I’ve been able to create, manage, and start to earn.

According to research by Strauss and Howe, the Narcissistic Personality Inventory scores have elevated. As we age, we start to feel more entitled. I can’t see how that is a problem if you’re someone like me. I work, work, and work some more to earn. Do I have a grandiose narcissism identity? I’d beg to differ. Do I classify as someone with vulnerable narcissism? I guess it depends on whose looking, reading, judging and scathing. Do I believe in love? Yes, I do. To be frank, as usual, it has to be with someone who is worth the time, distraction, and energy. Some or most of our goals should be common. My generation knows what it wants. We, also, like never before, can see a way of how to make it happen. We are an unprecedented people. We are not perfect by definition, but we’ve found a way to achieve (what I tend to call) quintessential individuality.

Check out the video below for the dark song by Australian recording artist, Michael P Cullen. Outside of the song’s lyrics, I think the actress Morgane Housset depicts the reality of what it’s like to be alone. In the scene when she enters the train from Abbesses station (Paris Métro), it says it all over her face.

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