#10NewRecords to get you through the week (Michael Mason, AYHFY)

This week’s #10NewRecords list consists of Ray Turner, Michael Mason, JESUS CMPLX, Downlowd, and more.

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Ray Turner – Show You Right (Submission)

There’s a new singer in town. His name is Ray Turner, and he is funky! Hailing from the beautiful city of Houston, Texas, the singer echos the singing style from the late James Brown, a progenitor American Funk singer of the 1950s and beyond. Vocally, Turner isn’t a red engine red performer. I’d like to think he is more along the lines of a Pharrell Williams. ‘Show You Right’ talks about a lover, who has seemed to cast a spell on him. He has become infatuated. Women are remarkable. We have a way of doing that to our partners. Hear the standout track from his full project, ‘Party for Two’ below.

Michael Mason – Michael Mason Live Edit Pack #1 (Submission)

I won’t be able to cover Detroit’s Movement Festival this year, due to my injury, but Michael Mason’s new track makes me feel like I won’t miss anything. I admire all forms of Electronic music. The more it reminds me of my life, the better. The ‘insane’ parts of this track, are when the sharp sounds come in around minute two and fifty-nine seconds. I could have that on an infinite loop for the rest of my life, and go on about my business. Mr Mason, you are incredible. Thank you for the five-in-one remix/edit pack. It will do wonders this Memorial Day Weekend!

All Ends Well – Moving On (Submission)

There’s something about a voice like the lead singer of All Ends Well that makes me feel cheerful inside. It could be that ‘Moving On’ reminds me of when I used to cruise through Myspace and hear music released through Fueled By Ramen (still one of my favourite labels on the planet) or hear Taking Back Sunday and Plain White T’s.

Krhymez – So Hard (Submission)

I’m a sucker for melodies and the humour behind rappers who sing their hooks. Once upon a time, it wasn’t the ‘cool’ thing to do. Now, it is the norm. When British rapper Khrymez hits his notes on the chorus, instantly I knew I wanted to support the release. It’s catchy and memorable. Also, I think anyone can relate to what he’s saying in the song.

JESUS CMPLX – Karma (Submission)

Back with ‘Karma’, JESUS CMPLX sings to remind us why we shouldn’t do anything we would regret (because karma always comes back). If you don’t dance to it, you are salty or dealing with personal issues that none of us can step in to change. Listen to the new track featuring Sway Clarke that pulls inspiration from various musical genres below.

Are You Having Fun Yet? – Are You Having Fun Yet? (Submission)

‘AYHFY’ is a question that would easily piss me off if asked once or any more times more than that.

Nonetheless, the music at the beginning of the track [and its BPM] reminded me of ‘Young Folks’ by Peter Bjorn and John. I couldn’t pass it up. The record, by the Anglo-Nordic trio, originally came out a year ago. Luckily, it isn’t stale. It sounds like it came out twenty minutes ago.

All for Darcy – Highest Mountain (Submission)

To be particular, I enjoyed the parts of the hook more than the verses on ‘Highest Mountain’. It stuck out to me more than everything else, but that shouldn’t take away for the existence of the band and the rest of their music. Named after Pete Atkinson’s late son, the band is the ultimate tribute and symbol of love. Additionally, the Aussie band wants to ‘be a voice for fathers who don’t have access to their children because of a biased unjust legal system.’ If that statement doesn’t get you going, I don’t know what would. Check out the second release from the ‘Too Beautiful for Earth’ EP.

Downlowd – Niteclub (Submission)

With Detroit’s largest music festival happening now, I can’t help but think about all of the half-dressed humans who will move their bodies to something with a similar BPM count near the Detroit River. Downlowd, a Los Angeles-based Future Bass producer, brings that vibe to fruition with his intoxicating ‘Niteclub’ track. The record is out now through Gold Rush. Check it out.

Andy Wavez – Level Up (Submission)

The older you become, the more you start to under that ‘energy’ is a real factor in your successes. Therefore, cutting people off is inevitable for personal and professional growth. Andy Wavez, as he describes in the lyrics, isn’t where he needs to be. However, the North Carolina-based recording artist feels like he has the potential to ‘level up’. Hear the Pilgrim-produced track below.

Written by Richardine Bartee

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