Country singer-songwriter Michael B Whit sings about Cahokia, Illinois in his latest record ‘Camp Jackson’: Listen

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Michael B Whit, a Country recording artist, sings about “the forgotten and nationally historic village of Cahokia, Illinois in his latest track ‘Camp Jackson’. To others, he knows it might come off as a song for someone who is just singing about a small town in America; the roads they travel to get everything they need. Being from a big city (New York), I don’t quite have the same experience as the singer-songwriter or anyone else that identify as a small-towner, but I know where it takes me. His music reminds me of being on an open road in a vehicle with someone I love, taking in the Summer breeze. Hear ‘Camp Jackson’, a song that helps him launch an extended play–intended to “share [its] proceeds with multiple cancer foundations.”


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