New Music Wednesdays: 8 new artists you should know featuring Mermaed and Oliver Nelson

Discover eight new songs by artists you’ve probably never heard of until now.

Photo: Courtesy of the artist
Oliver Nelson
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Mermaed – Idiot (Submission)

Can we talk about how the build-up of the beat is satisfactory? As suck as it is, most of us go through our idiot phase when we are gullible and naive to the games others play. In the song, you’d hear Mermaed sing about getting revenge. I understand it, but I can’t relate to that method of retaliation. I allow life to happen to everyone who uses me for a selfish agenda. The universe and I have this thing going on; Therefore, I could never betray it. Karmic returns are beautiful. I don’t ever have to lift a hand to strike anyone. Nor do I have to worry about protecting what is mine. For the idiot that lies dormant in all of us, ahead experiencing something new, check out the brilliant Pop-Punk track below. How incredible is her voice?

Strange Cages – False Prophet Death Waltz (Submission)

It’s all about the vibe these days. If you cannot feel the music, it probably won’t get far. Luckily, our three friends from over the pond Strange Cages has all of the vibes. Watch the interesting visual for the explosive track ‘False Prophet Death Waltz’ now. Then, check out their EP, ‘Silver Queen’, which has described combined elements of krautrock and post-punk with paranoid, schizophrenic-esque vocals.

Drona – Rebels (Here to Stay) (Submission)

Everything about Drona’s record speaks to me, loud and clear. Listen to the lively ‘Rebels’ now from his EP ‘The Third World Season’. Did you know wanting to come to New York from India inspired the record? Drona asked his mother if he could come to America when he was seventeen-years-old. Then, he found out that 45 didn’t want him, or any other immigrants, here. The track is one that doesn’t shy away from what’s happening in the world, specifically America, today. I enjoy how he’s able to get his point across, freely.

Snog the Dog – Allergic Reaction (Submission)

There’s everything you need in a daring and riveting Rock song, right here, in Snog the Dog’s Summer release. If I had to work a 9-5 gig, it is the song I would play ahead of my daily departure to fire me up before reentering the world. Just from hearing the ‘Allergic Reaction’, I know they are fantastic onstage. Watch the official video for the track below.

Electric Turtles – The Takedown (Submission)

When you’ve entered a comedy club or a music-themed restaurant like Hard Rock Cafe, there’s usually music playing. Nine times out of ten, it sounds like Electric Turtles. It’s the kind of song that urges you to wake up, get up, and do something. Whatever you’re into, I hope it is positive and that the San Francisco duo can fuel you to do your best for the day.

Clayjay – Dry Gulch featuring Nessly (Submission)

Los Angeles producer Clayjay presents a haunting yet heartwarming composition with ‘Dry Gulch’. Not expecting for a Rap verse to appear on the record, the composer tells the story of Jona Boon, a frontiersman who goes out West in search of opportunity. However, like most of us, he runs into trouble along the way. First, I’d like for you to hear the audio by itself. Then, you should watch the music video so you can get to know the story of Jona Boon.

Oliver Nelson – Talk featuring Linae (Submission)

How heartbreaking must it be to hear that your body is making more sense to another person than your words? Yikes, at least there are tons of cute pop playlists for when you’re dealing with the depression as a result of that moment. Hear Swedish singer-songwriter Oliver Nelson’s infectious track ‘Talk’ now. There are other parts of the song that won’t crush your ego. I promise.

Gertie Fox – The Story of a Bird (Submission)

I think the vocals are off, a bit, but not to the point of no return. Listen to the unique song about a bird below.

Written by Richardine Bartee

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