Listen to Los Angeles-based singer Mercury Slim’s lead single ‘Polka Dot Shoes’ from his forthcoming project: Love In a Time of Dystopia

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Inspired by what he calls the “bourgeois nightmare that LA can be”, Mercury Slim cultivated a record that speaks to the ability to rise above the bumps in the road. He counts “melodic misfits” like Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, and Nina Simone as his “constant companions and confidence boosters to blaze his [own] trail”. It took him many years to teach himself how to be a musician, which is normal for an open and ever-learning artist.

Mercury Slim, a New Mexico-bred Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, released the lead single from his forthcoming project ‘Love In a Time of Dystopia’. No date has been shared, but if it’s anything like this, we’re happy about its arrival.

I like polka dots.


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