Trinidad’s Melly Rose adds body-positivity to your day with new video: Watch ‘Body Good’

Society’s beauty standards have ruined the way many view themselves, their bodies, and to some extent, it prevents people from truly loving themselves as they are. That’s most likely the issue that motivates Melly Rose’s new video for ‘Body Good’. As she looks to tear down the standard that defines what a good body is, she affirms listeners repetitively with some positive words, “your body looks good”.

In the video, she is seen with two other women who are vibing, all three of varying shapes and sizes. Whether in a scene together or alone, they spend time celebrating their individual natural beauty, dancing and posing as Melly Rose performs. The video radiates confidence, self-acceptance, and of course, body-positivity. I think more music like this is needed in a world where our view of our own beauty, especially for women, is defined by someone else’s standard.

Written by Manny King John

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