Peace Bisquit’s Megan Vice is one to watch

Ain’t nobody freaking tonight. Do you know what that means? It means that you are cut off from the cookie jar—with or without reason.

There’s nothing like a refined New York woman. Our attitudes are unmatched and worn on our lapels. We are serious, resilient, self-assured, and decisive. When we want something, we know how to get it. The same applies, otherwise.

Megan Vice, the blazing New York-raised singer-songwriter, ignites the backing track ‘Nobody Freakin’’ with lyrics calling out a lover for allegedly wanting to change. On the hook, she sings about not being their fool. Honestly, I’d feel like I was in a pool of gasoline if I influenced the song.

In her former years, the young singer-songwriter spent her time imitating the late icons, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Prince, and Paul McCartney. Subsequently, she began to write music and perform it.

If my eyes serve me correctly, Megan Vice is one of the newest glam singers we have in New York City and beyond. Intrigued by her sound, look, and what’s possible in her bright future, I felt connected. Let’s cherish and hold her in high regard.

Also, watch Megan Vice’s official video for “Nobody Freakin’” below.

PS: I am a huge fan of Cazwell and Amanda Lepore, so it is an honour to be recognized and contacted by Peace Bisquit. You’ve made my day. Thank you.


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