Meet the Locals: Joy Hollingsworth

Photos: Courtesy of The Hollingsworth Cannabis Company

Is THC the only African-American cannabis company?


Hollingsworth Cannabis
Photos: Courtesy of The Hollingsworth Cannabis Company

Joy Hollingsworth is a legend in Seattle, Washington. Uniquely, she had one mean crossover that was usually followed by a wet jumper. Since her retirement from the game, she has embarked on a new adventure with her family: The Hollingsworth Cannabis Company.

Presently, The Hollingsworth Cannabis Company is a family-owned and operated business. Of course, my visit to The Hollingsworth Cannabis Company farm was educational and candid. In fact, I was impressed by the finely tuned assembly line Joy has created with her family. We visited three famed dispensaries. Actually, there are over 300 in Washington State. As a matter of fact, the experience was similar to walking into a candy store. Being that, there are unlimited options. Hence, plenty of whatever your heart desires. Subsequently, the choices were endless. Among the choices are Sativias, Indicas, Hybrids, edibles, vapes, and smoking accessories. In my opinion, the coolest part of my dispensary experience was seeing The Hollingsworth Cannabis Company on the shelf.


The Hollingsworth Cannabis Company is a family-owned business. Namely, who does what?

We are a family-owned and operated Tier III Producer and Processor located in Western Washington. From seed to sale, we take pride in our cannabis to ensure a smooth experience.

What are your business goals for The Hollingsworth Cannabis Company?

Our goals are simple. We want to produce quality cannabis using sustainable and innovative resources.

Are you the only African-American cannabis company?

We’re not the only African-American owned and operated cannabis company. However, we are one of the very few operating.


There are so many minorities in jail for selling cannabis. Now that it’s legal, and a multibillion dollar industry, do you see the irony?

It’s unfortunate that a large number of minorities are serving long prison sentences for non-violent drug offenses. We think our company stands for a shift in the dialogue. We hope more people who look like us can take advantage of this new industry.

Are there any challenges of growing cannabis?

Navigating a new market. Additionally, scaling a small business while staying the course together as a family. They are the challenges we encounter daily.

Do you believe cannabis should be legal in all states?



Where can Hollingsworth Cannabis be purchased? “Where to Buy” has a list of our partners that distribute our cannabis in Washington State.

Which Hollingsworth Cannabis strand do you recommend for smoking rookies? Smoking pros?

We produce a balance number of Hybrids, Indicas, and Sativas. Furthermore, if you would like a body and relaxing feeling, we would suggest an indica (Blueberry Kush or Orange Kush). If you want to be creative and focused, we would suggest a Sativa (Acapulco Gold or Pineapple Express). If you would like a combination of both, we would suggest a hybrid (Blue Dream or Cherry Pie).

Social media handles?

Instagram and Twitter: @THCCompanyWA.



Written by Manny King John

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