Washington, DC singer Meche Korrect releases ‘CyberThrill’: Listen

Meche Korrect brings listeners on an exploration of sound, while taking a dive into her Afrocentric culture with the release of her latest project ‘CyberThrill’. ‘CyberThrill’ is a soothing yet electric experience of vocal and sonic performance. The project starts off with ‘Golden Gird’ and ‘Flex’ which are spoken word pieces of strong affirmations and reminders of everyday being a new opportunity, with snippets of her vocals in both.The overall sound of the project changes with the following track, ‘Higher’, which she begins to showcase her vocals, which she maintains for the remainder of the tracks, ‘CyberThrill’, ‘Touch Me’, ‘Burn’ and ‘New Lady’. The project’s production, the features from Villy, and Nana Kay, and her vocals add to soothing, electric, and fun nature of the project. Her blending of Afro-drums, and the soulful sound of R&B, as well as her vocal versatility and dynamics, allows for the creation of a product true to herself, one that’s certain to get you on your feet dancing.

A great listen, be sure to check out Meche Korrect’s ‘CyberThrill’ below.


Written by Manny King John

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