Hear Maya Killtron’s new record “Bad Decisions”

Maya Killtron made a bad decision.

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After listening to “Bad Decisions” five times, I decided that Maya Killtron’s throwback style wasn’t as irritating as I thought. On the other hand, the narrative of an innocent woman making bad decisions isn’t far-fetched. In North America, it is a relatable storyline that has wowed generations. And somehow, we don’t get tired of it. I think that same reasoning is why I am here, writing these words. According to the Toronto-native singer, “Bad Decisions is a review of some of my best romances and worst choices in the field of love. It’s honest but light, real but unapologetic…”

First and foremost, sonically, Maya Killtron reminds me of former Bad Boy recording artist Faith Evans, who is awkwardly not on the first page of Google (today) when you search the word. (Maybe it will be in the future.) Faith Evans is known for her vocal work over R&B, Soul, and Hip-Hop instrumentals. Killtron’s “Bad Decisions” and previous records are on the Disco end of things.

In addition, Killtron finds inspiration in the late Teena Marie, and Prince, and The Gap Band. Finally, stream the new danceable record below.

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