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Nashville, Tennessee-based singer Maxwell James shares self-titled EP

Maxwell James is a grand storyteller with a voice indicative of what some of the greats have possessed.

Photo: Courtesy of the artist


Maxwell James
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

“The more you say, the less I know.”

How is that even possible? Shouldn’t that work the other way around? The more you share with someone, they should feel like they’re getting to know you better. Unless what the person spews is a falsehood, the Nashville, Tennessee-based singer-songwriter Maxwell James should be gaining ground. If you’re experiencing feelings of confusion, no fret. He explains the circumstance in each verse.

He is a grand storyteller with a voice indicative of what some of the greats have possessed. Maxwell trained at Mountview Academy of Performing Arts in London, United Kingdom. Handsomely, he creates music by blending multiple genres, similar in sound.

‘When It’s Real’ wants to be the responsible sibling among the bunch of five kids. Not wanting to pretend like there’s a life without trouble is what a realist would do, so I commend him on maturity and the mental responsibility coming forth in the songwriting.

‘Roll Down Your Window Slowly’ is a rockabilly tune about getting to know another individual.

‘Blatantly’ is the only song on the EP that I thought wasn’t so great, vocally. I don’t think it showcases his abilities well. Nonetheless, I like the topic of the song. ‘Feed My Evolution’ picks it up where the extended play took a dip (for me).

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