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Watch Mary J Blige talk Diddy, her ‘My Life’ journey and more on TIDAL

Photo: Courtesy of TIDAL
Photo: Courtesy of TIDAL

Last night, Mary J Blige celebrated the 25th anniversary of her legendary album, ‘My Life’ during a sit-down CRWN interview with TIDAL’s Chief Content Officer, Elliott Wilson exclusively livestreamed on TIDAL.

Highlights from the interview include:

On working with Puff in the early days:

“It was healthy because he wanted me to win more than I wanted to win…that’s why I was always afraid to bring him my sad songs because I thought he was going to shoot it down because he always wanted me to be up. So it surprised me when I brought him the concept of these songs and he was like ‘This is what we need to be doing.’”

On getting a record deal:

“It wasn’t something that I dreamed about. It was something I had to do to survive!”

On listening back to ‘My Life’:

The fans were saying me too, Mary. We’re hurting too, Mary. We’re suffering too, Mary…. but 2008, the album was very hard to listen to. I looked like I was fine but I wasn’t.”

On handling success in the beginning:

“Didn’t realize what we had done. It was so big I was afraid of it. I buried my head and turned away from it!”

On her biggest life lessons:

“Stay humble, God first, always give, forgive, forgive myself, and just try to do the best I can, and continue to work on being confident. Because if you’re not confident, no one’s going to care.”

On what’s next:

“More acting, singing. I’m being a producer on some films.”
The crowd breaking out into a rendition of ‘I’m Going Down’.



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