Performing Artist Marina Abramović talks with Sir Norman Rosenthal this June at 92Y

You’ll die to sit with Marina Abramović.

Marina Abramović

Born in the 1940s, Marina Abramović is a Serbian New York based performing artist who started her career considerably late in life. Mostly known for her bizarre and intriguing artistic displays, often involving hairs of human tied together, sitting across from fans in a museum and just about anything she deems important, she is a quintessential woman of our time. As quaint as the previous items listed are, provenly, she is a master at evoking emotions. Often, it is an unforgettable human to human relationship. We find great importance in what she has successfully pioneered.

Now, at 66, she’s better than she’s ever been. In 2010, she was live at the MoMA and now, she’s exhibiting “The Life and Death of Marina Abramovic” worldwide.

We find this to be the most beautiful part of “The Artist Is Present” because sometimes, words get in the way. *Ulay, man pictured below, was her partner and lover for many years. Here, they are reunited.

Whilst this event is nothing like her “Artist Is Present” series, we’re sure you will have a great experience. You’ll get to know and perhaps, understand the beautiful mind behind the innovation. To read more about the artist, please visit

Tickets on sale now for $29. Be apart of art history and own your boasting rights at 8pm on June 26. We’ll be there.

Anyone that can make people act and feel like this will always have our undivided attention:


Written by Richardine Bartee

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