Editor’s Pick: 10 Best Mainstream-International Videos of the Week (Jaden Smith, Sarkodie)

Here’s a list of the best mainstream and international videos of the week, in my opinion. It consists of music by Olamide, Jaden Smith, Sarkodie, and much more.

Olamide – Wo!! (Personal)

Dance music is a huge part of African culture. Naturally, our bodies, effortless, react to percussion and melodic soundscapes. I’ll even go on to say that I don’t know any Africans—old or young—who aren’t naturally rhythmic. Therefore, it is considered a flaw when someone of colour isn’t able to shake their bodies in unison to a bumping beat. Olamide’s video for “Wo!!” is a testament to what I’ve mentioned. Watch the outstanding video for the Yoruba-speaking Hip-Hop artist below.

Lady Leshurr – F My Ex (Personal)

If you are a person of a certain age, you have at least one former lover. As mature as I am, I cannot help but see the flaws in the choice of the songwriter. Now, in the British artist’s defence, it doesn’t say how long she dated the man. However, there is no way I would be with a man who didn’t have a decent-sized penis (for me), no money in his bank account (if he isn’t in prison or laid off), and is a deadbeat, or what some people call “a waste man.” Sis, you’re bugging. If mans is not an independent contractor or actively trying to get a job, he can stay in the friend zone.

Yes, we all make these mistakes. Especially when the significant other is dreamy, you are in a transition, or boredom strikes. Nonetheless, the continuing motto should be “Only claim partners of quality.”

Migos, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B – MotorSport (Personal)

In a futuristic treatment, Migos and two of Hip-Hop’s hottest women showcase why they are who they are. It would have been great if Nicki Minaj appeared in a shot with everyone to show solidarity, but maybe another day. Honestly, with that weak move, she is starting to behave like the “old female rapper” now. (Ebro seems to think the same thing.) It would be a wonder to see how the chemistry is when, and if, they ever perform it on stage.

As far as my favourite part of the video, it is when Cardi B whips her head at the end of her verse. That, right there, is meme-worthy. Iconic, even. On a very personal note, I wish the first minute and twenty seconds had more ‘rapping’ to balance the track out. Secretly, I wish Takeoff’s voice appeared at the beginning too, but it is what it is. Everyone looks great. Let’s all stay tuned for the second coming of Culture.

K Michelle – F**k Your Man (Submission)

Sounding a lot like a Christmas, or a holiday song, K Michelle sings about the violence that ensues when you’re fighting someone (busting windows and slashing windows) and acting like a Grade A ratchet bitch. I appreciate juxtaposition. With a voice like that and a video like hers, you wouldn’t think she would sing these words. Watch the classic-themed video for the mistakenly comedic single below.

Jaden Smith – Icon (Personal)

I know there’s a lot of people who cannot stand when a ‘privileged’ person puts anything into the world. ‘Privileged’ or not, I believe a story is a story to be told. If you were ‘privileged’, you wouldn’t complain about having access. You are supposed to use whatever is in your possession to create. I know if I fell within those confines, I would do the following. Seriously though, does it count when your parents did not grow up with silver spoons in their mouths? Your answer doesn’t matter.

Jaden Smith is one of the most exciting new entertainers of his time. What the songwriter chooses to say on record is admirable. He boasts about his accomplishments (NYLON cover and record label, MSFTS) as a rapper would. He’s about to make an independent movie. (Yes, it counts as independent—rich kid or not—because Hollywood is not producing this film.) Jaden Smith, like most rappers before him, found a way to describe the work of his opponents. Dirty dishes that he will clean in the kitchen.

Tesla aside, he says that he wants you to listen to the vision. The vision is limited if you don’t subscribe. That goes for Jaden Smith, other rich kids, magazines, and any visionary businessperson.

PS: I’ve watched this video and imagined the female vocals separately. It is beautiful.

Justin Skye – Don’t Think About It (Submission)

I can identify with what Justin Skye’s singing about, but from a marketing standpoint, I think she’s too clean. There’s no edge. For crying out loud, she didn’t say ‘dick’ in the final cut of the audio for the video! In America, as sad as it is, we’re all about dysfunction, turmoil, and struggles. I think she will appear to more people once there’s an unfortunate tragedy or scandal attached to her name. If not that, she has to be associated with multiple larger-than-life names and often seen with them. Those people, have to have those traumatic experiences, or it will not work. It’s a good song, but it doesn’t come to life. We don’t have a leading man in the video for crying out loud! Let’s see some action. Give us something to hang onto and dissect, Justin.

Furthermore, I like her, so I want her to win. It is free advice. Apply it, or bring me in.

Malu Trevejo – En Mi Mente (Personal)

Latinas have been on the forefront of American music for a long time. However, lately, with the rise of Cardi B, bilingual music has been burgeoning. In comes Cuban-American fifteen-year-old Pop singer Malu Trevejo. Before releasing her first song ‘Luna Llena’ under Universal Music Latin, she already had millions of followers online. It’s difficult to say where her career will end up, but the Havana-born entertainer is on the right path. It’s a memorable song. Some people might argue that it is not age-appropriate, but when we’re fifteen—we’re doing the unimaginable (to our parents). Finally, watch the official video “En Mi Mente” below.

ALMA – Chasing Highs (Personal)

Can I just say the fashion and style are incredible? I can see myself in ALMA. I like to do bold things to my hair, wear items from Dolls Kill, expensive brands, and funky frames. Watch the fun Thomas Trail-direction below now. ALMA is a power-singer like Ellie Goulding. I’d buy physical copies of whatever she produces. The Finnish singer-songwriter also had a song called ‘Phases’ featuring French Montana. Watch the music video below after the first one.

Sarkodie – Far Away featuring Korede Bello (Submission)

In October, Sarkodie, Ghana’s honorary recording artist released a new video for ‘Far Away’ featuring twenty-old Nigerian singer-songwriter, Korede Bello. In the video, a heist occurs as Sarkodie sits in the passenger seat of the getaway vehicle. In America, the gender roles are the other way around. Soon after, law enforcement entered the apartment. Watch what happens at the end. This track comes from the musician’s latest musical release titled, ‘Highest’. Read my review of the album via this link.

Lastly, check out Korede Bello’s cool flamingo pink outfit. I like it. I’d wear it with the white glasses ALMA wore in her video for ‘Chasing Highs’.

Maleek Berry – Let Me Know (Personal)

Have you ever been in love with your best friend? Maleek Berry takes us along on a date with a beautiful woman who is his best friend. Their day starts off in bed. Then, enjoy a balanced breakfast with fruit and coffee. Unsure of where he stands with his best friend, he sings to her; Wanting to know if she has deep feelings for him. Watch the video for the British-Nigerian artist, Maleek Berry. The track comes from the South London native’s six-track, EP, ‘Last Daze of Summer‘.

Tekno – Pana (Personal) (Bonus)

Before I knew who he was, I would hear the song everywhere. Tekno, the Nigerian singer-songwriter released the infectious track back in the Summer of 2016. When Miami-based duo Paperwater were in town, we went to a club in the Lower East Side area of Manhattan. My date and I were dancing, but when ‘Pana’ came on, we danced like we were ready to have kids. Sometimes, understanding all of the words isn’t necessary. It’s a vibe. Watch the video for ‘Pana’ below. Tekno is from the Bauchi, Bauchi State in Nigeria and a descendant of Ebonyi State. He records music in Yoruba and English.

Written by Richardine Bartee

Her unprejudiced love for people, the arts, and business have taken her this far. Join Richardine on her journey as she writes history into existence, one article at a time. Richardine is a member of the Recording Academy/GRAMMYs, and a GRAMMY U Mentor. She is the North American Press Agent and US Business Manager for Oxlade; Follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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