New Music Sundays: 10 new artists you should know featuring Maiah Wynne and Jesse Jo Stark

Discover ten new songs by artists you’ve probably never heard of until now.

Photo: Courtesy of the artist, Jesse Jo Stark

Maiah Wynne – Sleep (Submission)

As the crisp autumn wind blows through the New York City infrastructures, Missoula, Montana singer Maiah Wynne sings about a chronic long-term sleep disorder that approximately forty million Americans suffer every day. Before now, I hadn’t known the figures nor did I know its commonality. On the music side, it’s interesting because, without thinking deeply about its name, I associate the music with calming energy and sleep. When sharing the concept behind the music, Maiah Wynne said the track is a musical representation of her night terrors.

It is an auditory representation of flashbacks, PTSD, nightmares, and the feeling of being dragged through a terrifying mental place. It represents the vulnerability of experiencing something that is scary and isolating at the same time. “Sleep” addresses how alone people who experience these events can feel because so much of it happens outside of other peoples’ perception. I hope that this song can bring comfort to those who suffer from sleep disorders or flashbacks. It is a hard thing to try to explain to other people, and I think this song will bring a lot of relief to those who need to know that there is someone who understands.

Cyrus Reynolds – Foraker featuring S. Carey (Submission)

We all associate specific sounds to something we’ve experienced or that we want to experience. From the moment ‘Foraker’ begins, I think of nectar and fruit juice. Next, my mind goes to the soundtrack and cinematography of Ferngully, wanting to be free and fly like a prehistoric bird or creature. There’s a freeing feeling that comes over me when the music plays. I wouldn’t trade this feeling for the world. Who doesn’t want to be free from whatever is holding them back? On purpose, the Los Angeles-based producer-artist makes music that creates textures by twisting them into new sonic landscapes. Get a load of the drama-filled soundscape below.

The classically-trained composer turned electronic sound designer is a force to be reckoned with; Therefore, I look forward to more. For now, listen to Cyrus Reynolds’ collaboration with the Bon Iver member S. Carey on the vocals.

SHIELDS – I Already Know (Submission)

What a groove SHIELDS provides! If there’s anything the United Kingdom knows how to do, it’s how to groove! In celebration of their brand new EP, SHIELDS shared ‘I Already Know’ with the world, a track with their classic brand of Alt-Rock paired with delicate harmonies. Listen to the uptempo track by the Newcastle-based five-piece band now to catch the infectious vibe.

If you like Miike Snow, you may like SHIELDS.

Bend Sinister – Got Your Back (Submission)

Who doesn’t love a Country song with the edge and words that heal you like the support of your best friends? It’s my first time hearing about Bend Sinister, but it is not the last time you’ll hear about them from me. Watch the video for the Vancouver-based group’s video ‘Got Your Back’ now. It’s the fourth single from their LP, ‘Foolish Games’.

Lasso Spells – Be What You Want (Submission)

There isn’t anything about ‘Be What You Want’ that I do not adore. Please, listen to this track. It has hit everything on the head when it comes to what deems a song to be good. Without any further hyping, listen to Lasso Spells’ incredible song below. If it is as good as I assume, the hook will be in your head before it ends.

Arkells – Relentless (Submission)

Powerful with the energy to wake you up and take you out of the grips of stagnancy and negativity, Arkells’ track ‘Relentless’ is about getting back into the swing of your life for success to occur, to me. The only way to win and maintain is to be consistent. It’s the best song to hear on a Sunday, in hopes of getting you into the swing of things for your work week.

Aaron Taos – Summer In The City (Submission)

Summer is long gone in the City of New York now, but when Aaron Taos released the first track ‘Summer In The City’ from his A/B side, we saw warmer days. Allow his harmonies to bring back the warm weather you’re probably dreaming of at this moment. Bask in it by listening to the Brooklyn-based singer’s track below.

The Hollow Ends – The Low (Submission)

I love music a lot, and that is not exclusive to vocals. I enjoy most, if not all instruments the same. To hear certain sounds, today, when most music is created digitally or enhanced by software, it is a breath of fresh air to know there are people out there, who still cherish the organic ways of telling a story through music. Get into a time before the world wide web ran the world to hear a beautiful Folk song by The Hollow Ends.

Jesse Jo Stark – Rot Away (Submission)

“If Nick Cave and Elvira had a one-night stand, she might be the resulting progeny.” Yikes, is it me or is it hot in here? I feel as if I’d just walked into a dark room where a thriller will play on the screen in about five seconds. Jesse Jo Stark’s explosive composition features gut-wrenching guitar ensuing the adrenaline of two sports teams performing for a championship. How could you not want to take the chance to rot away with her?

Evalyn – Angels (Submission)

With talks of offshore accounts and designer clothing and a youthful voice and messaging that reminds me of Lorde’s, Venice, California artist Evalyn sings a song about selling souls for a taste of the finer things in life. Whilst that idea isn’t isolated to Los Angeles residents only, we could see how it permeates that community quicker. Listen to the anthemic track now.