#10NewRecords to get you through the week: 11 (Mahalia, Saint Pressure)

This week’s #10NewRecords list consists of Ramz, Mahalia, Marci Phonix, Saint Pressure, and more.

Photo: Courtesy of the artist
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Ramz – Family Tree (Submission)

Ramz returns with another single, and this one focuses on his ‘Family Tree’. The powerful track pays homage to the UK artist’s mother, family members and friends, in a way that is highly-listenable and uplifting for all. Ramz brings his loved ones together for the enjoyable visuals, which gives the track even more of an impact. It is positive and full of love and will put a smile on your face.

Mahalia – No Reply (Submission)

Soulful UK singer, Mahalia, introduces her edgy, yet relaxed, latest track ‘No Reply’. The effortlessly-moving single is centred on the feelings of being over someone you were once in love with and realising that you are perfectly fine alone. Her unique tone of voice, great choice of lyrics and the neo-soul inspired beat, all work well together to create a polished track. It’s perfect to add to your spring playlists.

Marci Phonix – On My Wave featuring Clue (Submission)

Grime legend, Marci Phonix, and hard-hitting emcee, Clue, join forces for the defiant single ‘On My Wave’. The artists hold no punches as they stand up for the youth, by calling out the government, police, and media, for their lack of support to, and poor misrepresentation of, young black men around the world. The lyrics are heavy, and the beat is dominant, making the track a very solid collaboration.

Saint Pressure – Wonder (Submission)

With a wavy sound and fluid lyrical ability, Saint Pressure unveils his awesome track ‘Wonder’. The latest single, which is also the first track on the artist’s debut EP, One Too Many Maybe Next Times, is fresh, and slightly ethereal in how it takes you to another place. Laid back and clean, with a nice bounce, this track is well-rounded, and the visuals are creative.

Paid In AmeriKKKa – Down Bad featuring TRUTH Hayes (Submission)

‘Down Bad’ is the brutally honest new track by Paid In AmeriKKKa, featuring TRUTH Hayes. The conscious rappers delve into the not-so-pleasant, yet real lives of many. ‘I ain’t even got a dollar for an ounce of gas’ is just a snippet of the truths that are shared in this track, which will resonate with many. The lyrical content, alongside the simply powerful visuals, make ‘Down Bad’ a very dope track!

Yons – Inspiration featuring 1200 and Jordan Jetson (Submission)

Lifting spirits everywhere is ‘Inspiration’, the brand new track by Yons, featuring 1200 and Jordan Jetson. The track was entirely self-produced by Yons, who phenomenally created a choir using his own voice, and he did a fantastic job. ‘Inspiration’ is emotionally-rich and delightful, from the creative sounds to the impeccable lyricism. If you’re down in the dumps or need to get a weight off your shoulder, this track is for you.

Trae Morris – The Door (Submission)

The Door’ is the lush new single from Trae Morris, which sees the artist use meaningful lyrics and beautiful harmonies to share a testimony. There is an acoustic feel to this track, creating a raw canvas for the singer’s reflective lyrics, and powerful voice. It is a well-rounded R&B track, which you can enjoy in any setting.

Martha Afework – Won’t Stop (Submission)

Martha Afework displays her angelic, and soulful, voice over a sweet beat with a nostalgic feel. ‘Won’t Stop’ is the breakout single from the artists’ debut EP ‘One-Eighty’. The track has Old-School Jazz, and Funk, elements that create a vibrant sound for the singer to perform her uplifting lyrics on. If you need something to pick you up, add this track to your playlist.

Anne Suu – Everyday featuring B-Side (Submission)

Stunning soul singer, Anne Suu, and stellar producer, B-Side, collaborate for their passionate track ‘Everyday’. Anne’s sweet vocals are striking, and partner well with the pulsing tempo and well-mixed beat. The track exudes a feel-good vibe and shows that the collaboration was a clever one. Not only is it a great track on its own, but it would also be a great choice for a sample, as it has timeless elements.

Studio_Dad – Too Turnt featuring Fat Tony and WADE08 (Submission)

‘Too Turnt’ is the bangin’ debut single from, producer, Studio_Dad, featuring Houston’s Fat Tony and WADE08. The beat is briliant and dynamic, and sounds like a blend of video games and the sound of the Bay Area. Fat Tony and WADE08 spit some tight rhymes, giving the track its exciting bounce. Fitting its name completely, the track is too turnt!

Words by Liss Morales

Written by Manny King John

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