Magestik Legend’s “Legend Has It”, Honestly Reviewed

Magestik Legend is a Detroit rapper, apart of The Black Opera collective. He’s toured the world, releasing quality music with his mask wearing group for a long time. Now in honor of his father’s memory, he dropped his third solo album ‘Legend Has It’ on his birthday this passed May 11.

Carrying on tradition of his group, the album cover art has the MC holding a picture (while covering his face) of him and his father in the past. The soulful-alternative “Insanity” opens the album with the MC touching on many things like his environment as a youth, his skill set, ambitions, and wanting to bring his father back. “Just Enough For The City” details life in Detroit. “Mrs. You” is a funny joint about old flames you may still not be over. “Armani Song” is about Magestik’s daughter who also sings in the beginning of the song.

The production on this album is provided by Magestik Legend himself along with yU, 14KT, Audible Doctor, J-Palm, and Tres Styles. I don’t know if everyone who helped is from Detroit but the production has a J Dilla-Black Milk vibe and that understandable since those two are from the motor city. This is not an album for the turn up crowd, this is for the people who appreciate structured songs from a skillful MC reflecting on life. People who listen to the radio may find this Magestik Legend​ album boring but if you’re a true Hip-Hop head, you will enjoy this. It all depends on ones taste.

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Written by Manny King John

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