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Magazine Review: TVTOR

There could be nothing said in short of amazing about TVTOR Magazine. With every page-flip visually striking, conceptual art, photography, typography, fashion and even advertisement spreads are immediately captivating.

It’s apparent Matthias Vriens-Mcgrath has found countless ways to open minds with some of the simplest yet intricate visuals. This magazine in mind has this something special, holding what I believe to be an essence of this vision of the future. The content can be compared to the mass display of “out of the norm” imagery exuding this sense of normalcy and reality we were introduced to when Tumblr came about.

TVTOR Magazine is literally visual porn, with a little porn on the inside. After flipping to a Tom Ford ad featuring several alluring, female models all with superimposed dick-pics covering a portion of their bottom halves, I knew this magazine had arrived in grace. One thing that amazed me wasn’t just the push in provocative nature, but as well the connection of aestheticism between the magazines general content and the ad-space. Normally you’re briefly brought out of a magazine’s world when reaching ad content, but TVTOR keeps you encapsulated in their world from open to close.

I can see readers skulking and studying each page, mesmerized by the peculiar ill traditional but structured typography, or the hyper-sexualized but perceptive imagery. TVTOR has this immaculate platform of spewing, artistic expression that I’ve now formed this obsessive gravitational lust for.

For more about TVTOR, visit this link.

Written by Manny King John


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