Mac Miller’s Singing Debut, Honestly Reviewed

I have never been a huge Mac Miller fan at all. It might have been due to his annoying smile or just his goofiness, but I have always thought the kid was very talented. So when I found out I was reviewing a new track by him, I wasn’t too geeked to say the least. However, that all soon changed as soon as I pushed play on his new track titled, “Days”. The amazing, laid-back, chill and smoked-out vibe of the beat comes in and Mac Miller’s sing-songy vocals fit perfect with the vibe of the track. All in all, it is an impressive song.

In conclusion, this record will be on repeat, and it just might have changed my mind about the man and his music. Maybe it is time for me and others to give Mac Miller the second chance we all need in life, sometimes.

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Written by Manny King John

Song of the Day: “World On My Shoulders 3.0” by Deniro Farrar

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